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Saber Tooth TIger



Oct 22, 2019

This week's Tuesday Talk offers another way to turn off stress when we notice we are lingering in it.

Give it a chance and see how it plays for you :)

Muscle Strengthening



Oct 14, 2019

This Tuesday Talk is a reminder to get back on track with our self-talk, no matter how often we are distracted by our own outside annoyances.

It's a muscle that will strengthen with time and continued use.  So keep up the great positive self-talk!

Create an energy ball



Sept 30, 2019

Hi! For this week's Tuesday Talk. I'm offering you a way to create an energy ball, fill/infuse it with intentions, and then absorb/embrace it.

Easy to do!

What you can fill/infuse it with is unlimited:

. Reiki symbols

. Prayers

. Peace

. Serenity

. Hope

. Gratitude

. Kindness

. Respect

. Love

. Confidence

. Laughter

. Music

. Romance

. Sensuality

. Confidence

. Euphoria

. Contentment

. Inspiration

. Enlightment

. Consciousness

. Awareness

. Allowance

. Clarity

. Miracles

. Magic

. Believe

to name a few!

Have a great day creating infinite possibilities!

Tuesday Talk YouTube Videos

Falling out of a high vibration



Sept 23, 2019

In this week's Tuesday Talk, I'm sharing my experience with 'falling out of a high vibration', which I enjoyed and appreciated for most of the summer.  Until..something changed my choices.

Remembering and reacting



September 17, 2019

This week's Tuesday Talk is offering you a different way of looking at our reactions when we talk about a past life upset.    Do you react to it, or are you just sharing details of an event?  Either reaction can suggest something different.

A great way to take note of which upsets you would like to clear out.  This will contribute to your overall wellness.. you're worth it!

Clearing stress out of our joints



Tuesday Sept 10, 2019

This week's Tuesday Talk is offering a suggestion on keeping our joints clear of emotional crud going into the cold season.  Some of us notice while having a cold, fever, etc, our joints are sore.  Perhaps this is the emotional collection rattling around our joints, trying to clear out.  

Next time you run Reiki on yourself, or receive a Reiki session, suggestion to clear your joints, and see if this makes any difference for you.

What are you experiencing (vs feeling)?



August 27, 2019

This Tuesday Talk is sharing an experience I had during a phone call that, for whatever reason, I was allowing myself to get really upset over.  After the phone call, I took a few minutes to explore the experience, and emotions/reactions from when my first marriage ended surfaced!  I wasn't expecting this, nor the tears that flooded for a few minutes afterwards.     I cleared all that was possible at that time, and was appreciative for the opportunity to clear it out.  Next time you're in an upset, stay cool, stay mature, and then explore what the experience is similar to.  See what surfaces, and then use your tools to clear it all out so you can be upsetless! 




August 13, 2019

This week's Tuesday Talk contributes to a possibility of repeating intentions/prayers over and over again, until we have saturated, or left an imprint of that intention/prayer.

I say the EMF intention often when I'm in the midst of a room full of cell phones or wifi equipment, it's become habit for me now.  I have noticed in my home, I don't say it as often as I use to.  

When saying self-help intention/prayers, we outgrow them, partially due to we evolved past it, and partially due to our energies have absorbed the intention/prayer.

If you don't already, consider repeating as often as your awareness, your body, reminds you to repeat your self-care intention without judgements on 'what? again?'.  See where it takes you :)

Newsletter with same subject

Is now a good time to be in a good mood?



Aug 5 2019 

Asking my body 'is now a good time to be in a good mood?, doesn't appear to be complicated, as so far, my body has always said yes :)  Asking this question even makes me giggle a bit, which contributes even more to moving out of any stuckness I may have been in.

I've experimented with 'is now a good time to be some housework?', and 'is now a good time for some quiet time?', and so on.  

Give it a try.. what have you got to lose, except maybe your own stuckness :)

Have a great day making it your own!

Learning lessons from our internal GPS



August 19, 2019

This week's Tuesday Talk is reminding us to learn from our choices, no matter the choice.  It's easy to pat ourselves on the back when we listen to our internal GPS, and yet some of us, or most of us, will beat ourselves up when we don't.

A learning for me for sure.. always.  Learn from when I listen to my internal GPS (awareness, intuition), and when I don't.  Life will always give us another opportunity :)

How invested are you in YOU?



I realize often I ask for help, for contribution towards whatever is going on in my life at that moment, and still, sometimes, I forget to be mindful of what possibilities come my way.  

I brought a book home to read, that wouldn't leave me alone, and it has offered amazing a-ha moments, and space for what else is possible, and for me to look deeper within with awareness.  It's been incredible.  It's explaining our immune system.  I am not an expert on this, and this book has helped a lot.

So here it is, when you ask for help of some kind, remember to be ready to recognize the signs of help.

Newsletter with similiar subject

Take a vacation for the silence within



This week's Tuesday Talk is playing with the interpretation of 'vacation'.  Taking a vacation for me, is giving myself space for what else is possible? For silence to listen to what I've been too busy to listen to. Listening to my body, Nature, the Universe, God, Earth; whether their all in one, or separate.  It doesn't matter to me, it's the time to listen that's important.

My awareness is a vacation of a few hours, or a day, or a weekend, or longer, is time to fill our own cups, no matter how much we love our business, our family, our life.  

Facilitator self-care



 This Tuesday's Talk is reminding us to take care of our bodies comfort level when we run energy sessions.   If our bodies aren't comfortable, then the energy we're channeling through will head to the distressed area within us, vs the recipient.  Find ways to keep yourself comfy.  Suggestions are offered in this video. 

I didn't come this far, to just get this far



 This week's Tuesday Talk is offering another way to pull yourself out of a funk.  When we feel derailed, as long as there is a tiny spark of awareness of what else is possible.. then sneak this suggestion in and offer space for expansive energy, vs shrinkage energy.  Speaking for myself, I didn't come this far, learned everything I've learned so far, to let ego overshadow me and take away my hope.  I am ok with this for a short time.. then done.. time to get back on track.  Give it a try and see what possibilities it can create. 

Reconnect with yourself



It's so easy to disconnect with ourselves.  It's so easy to let our skill set to fall through the cracks.  Sometimes it's worth finding ways to keep our momentum going.  Perhaps a part time job? Or a volunteer position?    In my experience, starting a part time job in the of summer 2018, has reconnected me with parts of my mojo, that contribute to getting more things done around the house, or with Voyage of Hope, even with myself.  Find what works for you :) 

Disconnected from support



This week's Tuesday talk is suggesting to take a look at dynamics we've let go of assuming they aren't helpful or we don't need them or for whatever reason we've dismissed them.  

Perhaps it's time to invite them back into our life?  We've evolved, so our connection and understanding has evolved.  It will be interesting what possibilities we create with the invite :)

LIfe shouldn't be heavy



This Tuesday Talk is reminding us that life shouldn't make us feel heavy.  If this happens, reminder that we are all human sponges, some more than others.  Find ways to clear out what doesn't belong to you, and that lighter feeling will be worth it.  Create space to create you!

To do lists May2019



Happy Tuesday Talk day! Do you own your to-do list? Or does your to-do list own you? For me, this is an extention of healthy boundaries. In a wierd way I like having to-do list, then it's all my choice (within reason) what gets done, and what doesn't get done by choice, vs what I forgot to do. 

Please share if this resonates with you 

There's usually a personal to-do list, a family/partner to-do list, personal business to-do list, and a self-care to-do list. 

Go with the energy of what would be fun to do first. Go with the energy of which would teach you the most. Go with which would contribute to your revenue stream. Whatever questions you play with for whatever order you clear items on your to-do list, is your choice. 

Jump to WDTBT first_May2019



When we're in fix it mode for ourselves, perhaps that's jumping the gun? Perhaps the first response, ' who does this belong to' may be more helpful. When we automatically assume everything is ours, and proceed to 'fix it'; we've basically made the choice to own it.

Asking 'who does this belong to', offers space for our body, our awareness, to let go of what doesn't belong to us, so we're only clearing out our own trauma and drama. I can only speak for myself here, when I say, I have enough of my own.. it's not my preference to borrow other's trauma and drama:)

Here are a few 7-10ish min 'Who Does This Belong To' Videos from Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness.


Lost items May2019



This Tuesday Talk is related to finding something that's been lost for a while.

I find it interesting how some lost items in our home are found within a short time, and others.. weeks, months, even years later. What's the difference? No idea, and for what it's worth, here's my share on my awareness on when things go missing:)

Contract Clearings April2019



This Tuesday Talk is related to my point of view on contract clearings, or karma, or energy cords.. whatever they may be called.

Please share as others may be interested in this as well.

Whenever you feel stuck in a life; in a relationship, a job. single, health, and so on. Maybe it has something to do with making a promise lifetimes ago. Perhaps it is time to clear out those contracts, to make space for more possibilities!


Ho'Oponopono Apr2019



I may not be pronouncing this correctly.. my apologies!

Today's Tuesday Talk is on Ho-Oponopono. I found (or I was lead to it) a lovely video with text, which ended up (re)inspiring me and reminding me to be more grateful for what bugs me instead of loads of resistance.

Here is the video with text


After you read the text on the video, if you would like a word doc of it, I will send you what I typed up. Let me know at voyageofhope@rogers.com.

Healer vs Facilitate Healing 2019



It's my point fo view I prefer not to call myself a healer.  I prefer I facilitate healing, or I facilitate healing sessions.

Calling myself a healer, puts way too much responsibility on my shoulders, as I can't force people to heal.  

I do remind people that I channel healing energy through their body, to relax their body on a higher level than usual, which reminds their bodies that they have the ability to self-heal. 

Just a choice of words/titles:)

What are you in the mood for Oct18



What turns you on in life?  When you order off a menu, do you order the same-old?  What clothes do you wear day to day?

If you're tired often..maybe you're tired of your choices?  Perhaps you need new choices, new possibilities with the simple things in life? 

What if you select foods, and/or foods, and so on, based on "what turns you on"?

What is going to turn you on today?  What is going to wake you up today? What is going to contribute to you being present today?  What are you in the mood for?

Great questions to ask yourself to keep your love of life lit.. or to find your love of life :)

Have fun with it!

Invisible Oct 2018



When we prefer to hide in the background, there's a potential to not be seen by others; to be overlooked by possibilities.  How can people approach you with business ideas, with revenue stream ideas if they don't see/notice you?

We have a choice to be visible or invisible.  Your choice.  You may choose different with different events.

our own wellness contribution Oct2018



What is your interpretation of wellness?  Do you contribute to your own wellness, or do you leave it up to others and what they can offer you?

Everything we offer ourselves contributes to our wellness.  Our thoughts, our patterns, our food habits, our physical fitness, and so on.  

Contribute to yourself daily.  Find a few minutes a day to reset yourself into a balanced state and shake off (all that you can), that isn't contributing to your overall wellness.

Receiving a session Sept2019



Were you aware that receiving a wellness/energy session from another practitioner contributes to both of your vibration? 

When you put 2 or more like minded individuals together, they raise each other's vibrations, which in return allows us to tap into our awareness on a higher level, which in return allows us to attract different possibilities!

Schedule your energy/wellness today with a like-minded practitioner.  Someone that pulls you in!

Enjoy the experience!

Judging loss Sept2019



Don't limit what others can contribute towards your evolvement, your awareness.  Don't be too quite to judge others and dismiss those that you don't like, or don't resonate with.

It's more allowing them to be who they are meant to be, vs us assuming they have to be fixed, or to change them to suit our needs, our preferences.

Same with others. Those that prefer to change us, is not allowing all of us, all our knowledge, all our experience, to contribute to their wholeness. 

Be open to everyone being who they are preferring to be. We can coach, offer suggestions, offer life experiences, and in the end, they are who they are, and we are who we are.   It's a choice we make.

Be in allowance of others, vs expecting change.

Be you, don't lose yourself Sept2019



Be grateful for you!  When we envy others, or are jealous of others, we limit ourselves.  We can never be someone else; yet we have our own uniqueness, our own qualities to contribute to be inspired by others, vs jealous or envy others.  Be grateful for them, for their successes, as perhaps without them, we wouldn't be as inspired :)

When we're jealous of others, there is a belief that this empowers them. When we see them as inspirations and ask the Universe to have lots of what they're having, then this creates space for a similar success with our own flavor.

How old am I being Aug2018



Amazing as adults we're expected to act.. mature..ha! Sometimes I know I'm not.  With this awareness and acceptance, comes that part of me that asks myself... 'how old am I being?'.  Then I wait for the age to pop into my awareness.  

With this answer, most of the time I start sending healing to myself at that age.  Who knows!  There may be unfinished business with a tantrum that I was having, or just that age group, or trauma and drama of some sort.

Whatever the reason, for me, it's worth sending healing to that part of me, to help the adult in me enjoy life more, and when I do tap into the child in me, there's more space for adventure, creativity, and fun!

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receive various modalities Aug2018



Always allow space for various wellness modalities.  In my experience, each one creates space for a new awareness, or a new tweak within my health, and I love meeting other practitioners!  I learn so much from others.

Mid 2018 I decided to try acupuncture.  Some individuals may not call this an 'energy' session, and it doesn't matter, as my body was asking for it, it was pulling me towards it.  It's now almost mid-2018 and I've been going regularly.  There's something about it that I keep going back to it, and I trust my body. 

So..... what out there is your body desiring to try that you've been holding off for whatever reason?  Perhaps it's time to give it a try :)

Follow the breadcrumbs Aug2018



Don't get caught up in how your dreams. your desires, your prayers, your requests come to you.  Be more open to the details.  The important part is the end result.  Sometimes, there are more bread crumbs that may appear to lead us in circles.  Sometimes the package presented isn't what was expected.  

However the energy of it feels right, or there is a push to nudge you towards it all. That's the important part.  Continue to follow the bread crumbs, with the intention that your senses are open to what direction, and what is light and heavy to you.

We'll get to our goal!!

Crystal for protection July2018



Please keep in mind, that crystals enhance our own self-healing ability.  They don't create the healing.  Most of our lives, we've been told we can't protect ourselves energetically: to be aware of psychic attacks:  we're not taught to listen to our awareness, our inner-knowing, and soon.  With all this, we've shut down that part of us that can create space for the above and more.

Crystals are awesome!  I encourage individuals to use them, with the knowing that the crystals are enhancing or waking up what we already know.  Crystals empower us...  because there is a part of us that 'remembers' we can do this!

not the best of lighting, and fortunately the message is what is more important :)

Suggestions for stones/crystals for self-care, protection.

Rose Quarts for self love. When we love ourselves, there is less likely to allow others to cross through our boundaries, and less chance of getting involved in trauma and drama around us.

Earth color stones & black stones - any of them, are great to enhance/support our self-ability to ground/balance ourselves.

Amethyst, Clear Quatz (to name a few) are known to enhance our intuition. When we enhance our intuition, there's more inner silence, so we're less likely to have a busy mind. Great opportunity to hear our awareness.

Orange, yellow, & red stones can support us by reminding our energy about fun, and passion. It's a bit more challenging for destructive energy to get through when we're high on life.

These are a few suggestions, that may not be noted in any book, or website. It's a way to remind us to think outside of the box when it comes to crystals and their properties.

Even prayers, intentions, and so on, all support self-protection. 

Keep up the great self-care!!!

Have fun with it!

Yet July 2018



When we said a dead-end sentence, or a comment, we offer little space for possibilities, for change.  Just a suggestion, start adding 'yet' to the end of your sentence, thought, comment, and see what it offers you.

For example:

I don't feel well.. yet.

I haven't heard back from 'person'..yet.

I haven't had time to do 'that'..yet.

and so on.

We create our reality.  If we create dead-end sentences, then what would we expect if nothing changes?

Have fun with it:)

Use the Reiki Symbols July 2018



Friendly reminder to use your symbols every day! The symbols offered in Usui Level-I may represent the lower chakras.  The symbol offered in the A.R.T. class, may represent the heart chakra.  The symbols offered in the Master Teacher class, may represent the upper/higher levels.

Mix and match them, for every occasion in your life.. see how it changes your role, your point of view. 

hdigbtt June2018



How does it get better than that!  Don't limit yourself by saying 'it doesn't get better than this.. or something similar to that.  Most of us are taught not to expect more from life, from God, from the Universe. Most of us aren't taught how to receive, only how to give. Isn't that an interesting point of view!  Always ask WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE? or HOW DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS? and the intention is to increase possibilities into the unlimited area of life!

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Coasting Observing June 2018



"I was just coasting today".  Feeling detached from your life? The day? The week?  Are you coasting, or observing/witnessing the day? Were you listening more today?  Sometimes if we change the 'label', we can change our perspective.

Just For Today Space June2018



Not ready to let something go? Would you consider living by the day? Or by the minute?  Forgive life/people just for this moment, and perhaps that small step allows larger steps in forgiveness, to give YOU more space for life.  Be space instead of a holding tank!

Share vs give_June2018



Distant healing session using 'sharing' in the intention, vs giving energy.  Give could be understood as depleting the original source.  Sharing is unlimited.

Routine May2018



Do you resist routine? Do you resist change?  Funny how much routine is in our day/night without noticing or recognizing it.  Helps put my illusion of not liking routine into perspective.

Fitting in May2018



Do you change who you are to fit in with each 'group' of friends, or family?

Intentions with meals May2018



 What energy and/or space are we in when we prepare meals for our family?  If we're going through all the wrongs of the day - that energy could potentially be transferring into our meals.  Including housework.  Be in gratitude thoughts or creative thoughts when caring for our family.