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Find out how 'light' and 'heavy' can tell you a lot about what your body is telling you.

Read 'Who does this belong to?  We are all sponges, and because of that, we may be taking, owning, other people's traumas and dramas, without any awareness of it. 

Light and Heavy

One way your body communicates with you

I offer this suggestion often, as well as remind myself often to use it.

Access Consciousness®  has taught me, when something is true for your body, it will let you know by 'feeling' light.  If something isn't true to your body, it will let you know by 'feeling' heavy'. 

I remember 'owning' another person's point of view about my health, and for days I felt like crap; I couldn't focus, I felt heavy, and so on.  Finally I realized this is my body letting me know that this is someone else's truth, not mine.  I finally let go of their truth, and the crappy feeling went away, the heaviness went away!  I felt amazing!  Huge awareness for me that this light vs. heavy awareness works.

Now sharing all that, sometimes that heavy feeling is letting us know not to make that choice now.  Since we may not know the difference between 'pick something else' or a 'ask later'.  I tend to ask again in a few minutes to see if I still get the heaviness from the question.

Another way you can use light and heavy is to ask for the future.  Ask 'how will my life look like in 5 years if I accept this job offer (or buy this home, or buy this car, or not take this job.. etc).  If your awareness is light, then that's probably a good choice.  If your awareness is heavy, then perhaps make another choice, or wait a bit and ask again.

Another way of making space for your body to talk to you (and you listening of course), is to be a human pendulum.

Light & Heavy Experiment

Here is an experiment to play with to understand light and heavy.   Offer yourself 2 things you would love to do on a day off.  For example, go to the beach, or housework.  Notice if either choices have a different reaction in your body.  One may feel heavier than the other.  The lighter choice is more what your body desires. 

You may even notice a difference in the energy of the words as you speak them.

Words can have an effect on our bodies.  Saying something like 'I want that chocolate bar', vs 'that chocolate bar looks yummy'.  You may notice the first sentence is almost a desperate feeling, whereas the 2nd one is a more body-friendly phrase.  


Are you a Human Sponge? Do you 'feel' everything around you?

We can't 'fix' other people, even if we absorb their trauma and drama

When we function from thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we are not functioning from consciousness; instead one point of view is, we are functioning from a lie.  When we are filled with lies, or our own or other's judgements and limitations, then this can also limit our receiving from the Universe, from God, from ourselves, from others.  At this point, we're probably too cluttered, to cfreate space for possibilities to show up, and for us to recognize them.

A lie can be explained as a judgement, or a limitation.  Something we decided to own for various reasons; though our learnings from school; religion; community; culture; society; family; friends; etc.

When we are human sponges, we tend to unknowingly absorb other people's thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Not knowing it's not ours, we just own it.  It's that simple.  From here, we make it ours, allowing it to create disharmony within us.

This can weigh us down; it could potentially create physical, mental, energetic, and/or emotional disharmony. 

This is where the phrase ' Who does this belong to" can help!  

Once we say this, it offers our bodies the space to have the awareness to clear out what doesn't belong to us, without our ego insisting that EVERYTHING is ours.  

In my experience, taking steps to clear out what doesn't belong to me, (e.g. a bad mood, or a physical discomfort), doesn't really work.  Usually because we can't 'fix' someone else!  Just because we unknowingly decided to own someone else's trauma and/or drama, doesn't make it ours, and it doesn't make it ours to fix.  We can clear out/fix the portion that is ours.  

Once we 'return to sender (with consciousness)' what doesn't belong to us; and again, it's not our business to know where or who it came from, as it could be from 100's of years ago, generations ago. Returning it to sender, offers that seed the opportunity to clear out that pattern for all eternity, and potentially everyone and everything that decided to own it.

This works! Honestly!  I've been playing with this since 2007!  The results have been amazing.  The key is to use it every time you have a thought, feeling, or emotion.  Clear out what doesn't belong to you - and this gives us more mojo, more space, to work on clearing out what is ours.

Continue to read below on 'who does this belong to?"

There are also a few clearing statements to the right side of this, if your body desires them.

Another suggestion are entities.  Oh those entities!  They can mess with our vibes so easily :)

Click on the button to read more on entities and contract clearings. 

A few Clearing Statements

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the yuck I are choosing?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the insecurities I are choosing?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the insecurities I am choosing, and the ideas that things will not change?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the insecurities I am choosing, and to create the stops in your life am I choosing?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to keep the judgements and limitations I am choosing in place?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the pain in my body, am I choosing?

What feelings am I using to create the pain in my body, am I choosing?

What thought, feeling, or emotion am I using to create the emotional, spiritual, energetic, physical, and/ot mental disharmony I am choosing?


If you are familiar with Access Consciousness clearing statements, you can add the following to each clearing statement above:

Everything that is, I now uncreate and destroy x Godzillion.  Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys, and Beyonds

(The Clearing Statement Explained)

Who Does This Belong To?


One way to clear out what doesn't belong to us.


I say the below phrase often on 'good' days, and many more times on 'bad' days.  It has helped me with clearing out what isn't mine first, then I'm able to play with what is mine in a clearer awareness.  

Everything that doesn't belong to me, I return to sender with consciousness.

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, and Dr. Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness®, promote a point of view that most of our aches and pains in our bodies, dis-ease limitations, and non-happy emotions aren't even ours!  I've known for years that most of us are empaths; that we are sponges, that we absorb other people's aches, pains, thought patterns.  This phrase has been so helpful for myself, and for those I've shared it with (that chose to choose this).

The best part of this all, is that it isn't required to know where 'whatever it is'  came from, as long as we're willing to un-own it; release it; clear it out.  Where it goes back to, the point of creation, is up to the energy, not us, to figure it out.. how does it get easier than this!

It's my go-to when something in me doesn't feel right, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Or what I suggest to most clients, friends, family, students, say they're not feeling well, or sad, or angry, or tired. Or when something hurts that didn't hurt.  

Give any of the below videos a watch, They're all just a few minutes.. it may just change your whole world!  What do you have to lose except what doesn't belong to you?!!

Dr. Dain Heer, Blossom Benedict, and many others, have numerous youtube videos to watch and listen to.  Listen/watch to as many of them that resonate with you... lots of choices!

Thanks for offering yourself another self-care possibility .. you're awesome!!!,

Who Does This belong to? with Dr. Dain Heer

Dr. Dain Heer (co-founder of Access Consciousness ®, offers us the awareness that most of us are owning limitations that don't belong to us, and we don't even know it! 

Who Does This Belong To?, with Dr. Dain Heer

Fortuantely Dr. Dain Heer (co-founder of Access Consciousness ®, has created a few 'Who Does This Belong To?' videos to offer different ways of presenting this point of view.

Who Does This Belong To?, with Dr. Dain Heer

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