Usui Reiki Classes Information

The following details are offered in all Usui Reiki levels/classes with Voyage of Hope

A William Rand Reiki manual appropriate for the class (level-I and level-II are the same manual), handouts, in-class practice, discussion/sharing on Reiki, an opportunity to meet others on the same incredible path.

A certificate is issued upon completion of class. If a student appears to require more one-on-one time to understand the highlights of the specific Reiki level, more time will be scheduled for this/these individuals, not the whole class, before they are offered their certificate.

Light snacks will be provided, as well as tea and water.   A confirmation email will be sent prior to with self-care suggestions for the week.

A registration form (link to form is located at the bottom of this page) and a $50.00 deposit for Level-I, Level-II, & A.R.T, and a $100 deposit for Master/Teacher level, contributes to securing attendance.

Reiki classes are taught within the guidelines of The International Centre for Reiki Training, and The Canadian Reiki Association.  You may want to learn how to facilitate Reiki for personal reasons, as well as expanding into a business.  I also offer ongoing support as well as Reiki Shares to help students practice in a comfortable setting.  

I also add a personal touch offering you my point of view of how learning this technique, and thse symbols, contributes to your overall well-being, as it did for me, and continues to.  Reiki can offer you personal tools towards everyday life stressors (the good, the bad, the ugly), as well as using it as a maintenance for when the 'unknown' shows up, you have enough wellness within to balance you through almost anything.  Reiki can offer a life with more ease mixed with less resistance. Reiki is a technique that you are expected to run on yourself often, and with a self-care regime, the potential healing, on all levels, is unlimited.

If you received Reiki training from another Reiki Teacher, you are welcome to continue your training through Voyage of Hope. Please contact me to set up a pre-course orientation (if necessary). A William Rand manual will be provided if you don't already have one.

An attunement appropriate to the class level is always included with each class.  

A meditation is intended to be included in all classes, in-class practice (with symbols in Level-II, A.R.T., & Master/Teacher level), class participation is always encouraged, as well as there is always time for questions and answers.

Please check my calendar for next scheduled class, or ask me about classes if there isn't one that fits your schedule.

Self-Care Suggestions Prior to Class

There is an understanding that a comfortable place of wellness, body, mind, and spirit, will contribute to an easy journey into living with Reiki energy, and being Reiki energy.

Read here for self-care suggestions prior to Reiki classes

Reiki Self-Care Suggestions

Reiki Share Link

Once you are certified in Reiki (any level), you are invited to join in on the monthly Reiki Shares offered through Voyage of Hope.

Click on the below button to read more on these shares.

Reiki Shares

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Usui Reiki Classes

Usui Reiki Level I


Usui Reiki Level-I Class

Reiki Level-I Practitioner Certification

Investment ~ $250.00
1 day class, or 2 half days

Pre-requisite: none

Added agenda overview:

-> Overview history of Usui Reiki; Reiki Principles; What is Reiki; Practitioner's role; and a few more topics...

-> Energy exercises

-> Intro to our 7 main chakras

-> Intro to Reiki Consciousness

-> Students will learn how to run a self-care Reiki session

-> Demonstration on how to do a mini Reiki session in a chair

Usui Reiki Level II


Usui Reiki Level-II Class

Reiki Practitioner Certification 
Investment ~ $250.00
1 day class or 2 half days
Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki Level-I

Added agenda overview:

-> Students will be taught 3 Reiki symbols and will be expected to know how to draw them and spell their sacred names

-> An in-class test is included for Level-II symbols

-> Students will be given ways to integrate symbols into Reiki sessions, and everyday life
-> Students will be taught how to send distant Reiki, as well as how to scan energy

Usui Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T.)


Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T.) Class

(a.k.a.) Reiki Master Practitioner Certification 
Investment ~ $275.00
1 day class, or 2 half days
Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki Level-II

Added agenda overview:

-> The Usui Master Symbol will be taught in this class, and usages for this symbol will be shared/discussed during class.  

-> An in-class test is included for A.R.T. symbol

-> More distant Reiki techniques will be taught/offered

-> How to add Crystals to your Reiki sessions
-> Continuous sending with the Reiki Grid
-> Aura Clearing Technique

-> Crystal kit is included to facilitate a Reiki Crystal layout, as well as crystal points to set up a Reiki Grid.

Usui Master Teacher


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Class

Reiki Master Teacher Certification 
Investment ~ $650.00
2 day class 
Pre-requisite: A.R.T Class

Added agenda overview:

-> Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for for all levels, in-class practice

-> Students will be taught the two Tibetan Master/Teacher symbols (for a total of six symbols in this lineage)

-> Students will be given ways to integrate symbols into Reiki sessions, and everyday life
-> An in-class test is included for Master/Teacher symbols 
-> Practice time facilitating attunements

-> How to give yourself attunements

-> Reiki meditation that harmonizes the energy of the chakras

-> The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master

-> Instructions on how to facilitate Reiju Attunement (Empowerment), and practice time

Please note: There is no expectation for you to teach if you are interested in completing this level

When you are ready to teach Reiki classes...

For students through Voyage of Hope: 

When you are ready to teach Reiki, you are welcome to audit/shadow Reiki classes with me. as well as one-on-one with me with any questions you may have before and/or after you start teaching Reiki classes. 

Attunements steps will also be reviewed if you require this.  All within the respect of the Usui lineage. 

For all other Reiki students:

I am open to having you audit/shadow Reiki classes as well.

The more the merrier !

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Please submit the preferred deposit for either of these classes, along with the registration form, to secure your attendance.


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