When I asked for updated testimonials to add to this updated webiste in February 2018, I will admit, I was overwhelmed, touched, honored... with the testimonials that were being offered.

I am truly grateful to be able to offer any and all individuals, here on this realm, and any other realm, the gift of inner wellness, of inner-healing.  

There is a sense of inspiration that bubbles up within me after copying and pasting all the previous testimonials into the new website, as well as reading all the new testimonials being offered.

Thank you again toveryone that took the time to write out and sumbit a testimonial.. and for those in the future that will offer one.  Sending an energetic hug to each one of you!

There are a few more testimonials on VOH's facebook page as well.



Crystal Intro Workshop - Sept 2019

Thank you it was an awesome day and my sleep last night was a busy one,  had huge downloads after the class, and I noticed how it affected other people  driving and otherwise.   Truly was amazing.  


Sept 2019

After receiving a session clearing out contract clearings; energy cords, followed by Axiatonal Alignment, I felt like I went through some kind of surgery!  Afterwards I felt like I was recovering.  Thank you for that!


June 2019

(After a reading) Thank u for everything! I feel so light now. You really helped me clear some of that “junk” Something I didn’t tell you - I was worried I needed some mental help as I was feeling so anxious and agitated. After the reading, this has almost cleared completely. I will be using those phrases to try and let go of some of the baggage.  I suffer from anxiety but it makes me question if it’s mine..

(After a session) The arm u held during our session.. I was assaulted by a patient a couple weeks ago. You are a special lady. I’m so grateful for your knowledge.

Andrea Beaver-Dennis

February 2018

Dee is an amazing teacher, that make her classes fun and easy to learn.  I love how she has magical Mondays.  It is interesting to see what she will use next and the messages are always bang on for what is going on.  There are so many interesting little bits on her page that you really need to check out. 

April 2017

Dee drew one of my spirit guides, absolutely amazing. If you are looking to meet your guides I highly recommend Dee as the one to introduce you. Looking forward to meeting more after I get to know this one. Thank you so much ! 


Feb 2018


Dee is an inspiring and insightful teacher. Her classes have completely changed my  perspective on life. Such a gifted healer and teacher! 

I look forward to taking the Master/Teacher Class with her in the future.


Feb 2018

I have been receiving guidance from Dee through intuitive nudges/eadings, and  Tarot Tuesdays, and individual readings, including a personal visit.  

Dee's guidance has been helpful as I've been navigating life and healing..  Dee is a wonderful guide and extremely intuitive.  

Thank you Dee for helping me navigate deep waters. 

Forever Grateful


Testimonial for Voyage of Hope

I have had the privilege to watch/experience Dee flourish on her spiritual journey. Dee has been treating me for over ten years now, since I was 16. I have always been intrigued and interested in her talent and natural empathic ways. 

I had a difficult childhood, full of abuse and confusion. Energy work with Dee has worked wonders on me on so many levels: It allowed me to heal myself without going too far into my trauma, it helped surface things that I buried that needed to be dealt with in order to grow, and most importantly it offered me a sense of peace that in other conventional medical ways I could not find.

I suffered from a car accident in 2016 that caused a brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, PTSD and OCD. I had been treated with physio, chiropractic services, massage, psycho analysis, and of course medication upon medication with little to no effect for over a year. I was not able to do the things I once loved such as work, school, gym and yoga. It left me feeling misunderstood and even more alone. 

It was not until I started seeing Dee on a regular basis, that I seen life changing differences in my spirit, motivation and my resilience. After I started up with these regular sessions my body was more open to receiving and I was able to successfully complete my work with vision therapy, the chiropractor, and we even found a solution for my nightmares! I could finally sleep a night without feeling horror or waking up drenched in sweat. Not to mention I am off taking my daily anti-depressant, and I have been able to rejoin university with success. I have hope and confidence for my future again, even after all that despair. 

Dee listens to what you need mentally, and has intuitive abilities to know what the unconscious and the body needs. I know in my mind and heart my progress would not be as successful if I were not being treated by her! She treats all her clients with warmth and love that some people never get to experience in a life time.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs but thanks to Dee I have the ability to take it one day at a time and really incorporate the serenity prayer in my everyday life. Dee has impacted my life in such a positive way, has healed me with her comforting hands and energy, and has empowered me with her positive spirit. I would highly recommend Dee to anyone who is exhausted and feels they have tried everything. Do not give up - there is always hope!!

I am confident when I say: Sessions with Dee is beginning healing. (And it feels so so liberating) 

Yours Truly, 

Lynn M

February 2018

I really enjoyed and recommend the de-stress workshop!  It was very helpful. We discussed many effective techniques that work to help manage stress.  

Dee also created a wonderful manual which is great to have for future  reference. 


February 2018

I met Dee in 2014 when she was participating as expositor in a Wellness Fair in my former workplace, at that time Dee was the only practitioner offering Access Bars sessions and classes in KW and I started my emotional and spiritual healing journey with her. On May 2015 I had a crisis in my marriage that ended in divorce,  I was dealing with grief, low self-esteem, shame, abuse, and loneliness. My grief counselor told me that Reiki will be a great tool to help me to walk thru the pain and recovery, so I completed my Reiki Master certification with Dee in summer 2016 and the real fun started. 

Access Bars help me to declutter and clean all the energy from my previous experiences and traumas and help me to be open to more possibilities and create more in my life. Reiki, on the other hand, help me to strengthen my spirit and find the courage to keep moving and growing. it has been a long journey since then but finding Dee on my way had been key in this change and the new beginning.  Dee is an intuitive healer and a great teacher, she followed my journey (always quiet and respectfully) but she was always there with the right tool, the right advice, the right question, the right challenge to help to move forward and keep creating this new life. She made me feel that I belong, 

I look forward each month to our monthly Reiki and Access Bars Share where a lot of amazing practitioners from around the Region join her to share healing, tools, experiences, love.....AND THE BEST HUGS IN ALL ONTARIO. 

Dee is an innovative healer, she is always looking for new ideas to improve her health and share it with her community, clients, and students. I can say, she has the talent, the commitment, the passion and the FUN to help you to move beyond your own limitations. 

Thank you, Dee.....What Else is Possible?

Love you my dear, keep creating!

Patti M

Dee came and did readings for a Mindful Living group I ran a few years ago. She provided individual and personalised responses to each persons question. Everyone was astonished at how much Dee knew about them and their loved ones. People are still buzzing about the accuracy of Dee's knowledge and how kind and compassionate she was with each word she spoke. Dee has centred my Chakra's and grounded my Chi and every time I feel she offers so much love and care to my body, my mind and my spirit. I thank her for that and would highly recommend Dee for any of the energy work she offers. 


February 2017

I had the stomach flu or body flu, whatever it was my whole body hurt. Even going down the stairs into her treatment room hurt my body After a session with Dee, I was able to run up the stairs!  Thank you!


June 2016

I was guided to Dee for an Entity clearing session after reading her newsletter and thinking yes this could help.  I had had some issues with health, brain fog, and depression that just were not clearing with other solutions. Life got in the way and I left it until someone mentioned to me "you should do the Entity session with Dee". I finally booked an appointment and during the session I felt my aura expand, I felt my energy rise and I actually felt energy leave.  The next day it was strange but I felt more like myself. The other thing that happened was during a drive I was flooded with memories from childhood all the way to present date and how it all fit together it was really neat...so much so I wrote it all down.  This was followed by lots of AHA moments. I definitely feel the brain fog lifting, and my mood more elevated.  My health is not perfect but I totally feel this has started the healing. I would recommend this to anyone who feels that what they are experiencing just doesn't seem to be lifting with other solutions and doesn't feel like their own.


February 2016

When i was 4/5 I was in a car accident and was found under the back seat. When as a adult I was sent for a xray on my kidneys and it showe I i had a left kidney of a 4/5 year old. 

While Dee was doing a Body Access treatment on me.  One of the Guides/Spirits came through and said I would be given back something that I had lost around 4/5. Now my Dr. decided that I should have a ultrassound done on that area (was interested in my left kidney) after I had told him of my xray results.

Just got the results back and they (both) are normal size. Thank you Dee and the Spirit /Guides for giving me such a beautiful gift of a fully grown kidney.

Dee is a very gifted healer and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Thank you again


 January 2016

(feedback on receiving daily responses for a week)

First I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to receive your guidance. 

I really liked having the card attached.  I’m a visual person and found the reading more meaningful when the card was included. 

Your readings were very personal and empowering and your suggestions about how I could reap the most from the guidance truly helpful.

All my readings were definitely bang on.  It’s like you were speaking to my inner voice that has been trying to tell me what your readings confirmed.  Your readings justified what I was feeling but was unsure if it was real. Your readings are very empowering something I truly needed.  Thank you.

I have printed the readings off as I found a lot of valuable guidance that I feel I need to be reminded of regularly.  Your readings assured me that it’s not selfish to take care of me and to allow myself to be in the front not in the backseat of life, that it’s okay to not always be the giver or people pleaser, to embrace life and to be grounded with nature, to be grateful for the little things, to fill my cup, to dare to ask for more, that’s not selfish it ;s ok, that I really need to look at new beginnings, to really see what’s going on, taking off the rose coloured glasses. Understanding what an empathy is and how to deal with that (this is a big one – I often feel guilty and say sorry when I’ve done nothing, understanding that it’s not me that I am responding to the feelings of those around me.

Thank you again.  I feel that you have been sent to me.  For a season, a reason or a lifetime.   Looking forward to meeting soon.

Have a wonderful day and keep doing what you do helping so many.

December 2015

December 2015

Dee, you're readings have been absolutely bang on everytime I have received one! You have helped me get thru a very difficult, hopeless time. You were like a beacon of light, and the guidance to help me navigate and also gifted me with the strength I needed to just go day by day... My biggest heartfelt thanks to You and I am looking forward to many more! 

Michelle S. Cheers!

Dee you have an amazing gift and I thank you for all your support and as a friend with ET hugs! I looks forward to each Tuesday to learn what you are able to share with me! I look forward to what you see in my cards yet again today. Blessings, 

Julie B

Your readings are so incredibly accurate week by week you never fail to blow me away. So insightful  and bang on for whatever guidance I need at that moment... You have helped me so much through being you and doing what you do. I look forward to single card readings every Tuesday if I make it  in time!! THANK YOU!!! 

Tammy C xoxo

Testimonial: Dee, your readings have been so insightful and have really made me think some times... you, someone I only know through Facebook, are like a friend that I await post from... be that healing cards, or healing messages!! A special Thank You for everything you do.. I especially love the Tuesday readings - and Wellness Wednesdays... One day we will meet! smile emoticon Thanks again! Peggy S

Dee has an ability to tap into and give me the guidance I need whether I know it or not. She is able to tune in with a real personal connection and has helped to open my eyes lifting the fog providing guidance to help me on my journey of growth. Each reading is so bang on. Thank you for your inspirational messages and personal connection. I look forward to your positive messages and guidance. You make life a little sweeter. 

Jacqueline M.

I have to be honest and say that the last two years has been a good spiritual. Reading the cards helped me through tuff times. At least I can get a helping hand from my spirit guides, when I need them at specific times of the day or week. Thanks Dee, 


Dee has read for me several times over the last few years. She is professional, empathetic and extremely accurate. Her intuitive abilities make her a trusted sounding board whether in crisis or a moment of indecision. She is an extremely nurturing and supportive individual who genuinely cares for people and wants to help in any capacity she is able to offer. Her skill set and bag of tools boggles the mind. Whether she is performing as an instructor, practitioner or intuative you can be assured that Dee will give you the best information, best energy and the best guidance for your highest good.  .I have a deep trust and abiding respect for Dee and her gifts and am very thankful that we have connected. Nancy Ann

March 2015: Feedback from Access Body Processes

Debra experienced the Restoration of Immunocytosis & MTVSS process.  

Restoration of Immunocytosis is for people with cancer, intending to restore their body's immune system, and to release excess chemo.  MTVSS is also intended to restore immune system.

Debra's feedback with her first session:

Hi Dee, A miracle happened yesterday! I had normal energy; I got 4 loads of laundry done, folded clothes and put them away and put away a lot of stuff on dresser tops. Papers that were everywhere - cleared them and had normal energy. I am feeling pretty good again today. I feel that I didn't know what normal was for at least 10 years and now am getting a taste of normal energy. Yea!  I feel like I have been enlightened, whatever that means - it just came out of my mouth.

Debra's feedback with her second session:  I forgot to write things down, but I do remember being really relaxed

Debra's feedback with her 3rd session
This last treatment - energized for 3 days and very peaceful after that or relaxed.

Michelle experienced the Compensatory 

Drift process

Compensatory Drift is intended to undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment.  Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive. 

Michelle's feedback with her session:
A week after my session I distinctly felt liberated from past thought patterns that were unhealthy for me. This felt like a difficult habit that I was now able to break, along with some daily behaviours and routines that I was also able to start changing. Two to three weeks after my session I started feeling more laden with resistance of the release, which manifested in days of pure exhaustion, dizzy spells (lasting whole days), hot flashes, and a headache that lasted 3 straight days until I was finally able to realize a release. There was one day that I felt absolutely fabulous - light and free and happy. I choose to believe that I will have many more of these days once I get through the hard work of releasing years of unhealthy thought patterns and behaviours. Thanks, Dee, for helping me on this path of healing!

Camilla experienced the Compensatory Drift and Anaphylactic Shock & Quadrate of Laxation process

Compensatory Drift is intended to undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment.  Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive. 

Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation is a hands on process done on 

areas of pain from overworked or exhausted muscles.

Camilla's feedback with her first session
And have been approaching people with paying more attention to them.. Not being so caught up in stagnant emotions

Camilla's feedback with her second session:  And with the second session I feel a lot more connect and present with people I am interacting with .. thank you

Shannon experienced the Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities process

Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities eliminates what we have done to our bodies to make ourselves heavy and serious to fit into this reality.  It also relates to family dynamics, cultures.

Shannon's feedback with her session
So yes I have definitely started to notice things. Actually right away. Wanted to tell you that during the session I started to get cramps where your hand was over my pelvis and then that night quite a bit of cramps which is not normal for me. I also had a bruise type feeling in my left breast?? 

I have had very vivid dreams since then, (which I normally do) but I have been magically getting up when they finish and can remember them well. They mostly have been messages about not fully committing to my new venture and letting go of old structures/beliefs. I also am getting songs in my head when I wake which again is normal for me but it has been awhile. 

My day to day with my kids and husband has been better although over the weekend I was pretty emotional which is par for me shortly after energy work. 

Also, I had a situation with my family late last week that really bothered me and later that evening it came to me it was because it reminded me of something that bothered me as a kid. Normally I wouldn't have that insight. 

Lastly, I had a card come up for a client in a reading, and for whatever reason addiction was where my mind kept focusing, I was nervous but went with it, the lady was the only one who commented back and she wrote thank you so I guess it was correct. Also I did a pretty serious reading for a friend who is a skeptic tonight and it was quite profound! I was able to get more clairscentience (felt sensations in my body the other person was feeling), and more clairvoyance. It was really good. 

So all and all very emotional week but really feeling more confident in my abilities, and my perspective is more adjusted/able to see both sides.... Thanks Dee! I would definitely like to do another. 

Nancy Anne experienced the Compensatory Drift process

Compensatory Drift is intended to undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment.  Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive. 

Nancy' Anne's feedback with her session
So a friend and I were talking deep today after my session....and I was speaking with her about things that need to heal....and telling her about something that made me cry yesterday. ..and it was okay....it was gone...Thank you

I have spent many hours contemplating what it was I needed to release throughout the last week...If anything....being I'll has given me that opportunity. Forgiving myself for things I had no power over...finally realizing that I did not "deserve" the things that happened ....that I was not "bad" and therefore what was happening was my fault. Forgiveness is very healing and has many dense layers to process...I am always surprised at how absolutely emancipating it can be to ride the waves of forgiveness to that still place where self thrives in stillness and light.

Natascha experienced the Positional HEPADS process

Positional HEPADS  relates to positions 

we took about any subject, then we start to handicap ourselves about what can occur. This creates chaos where order was before.  

Natascha's feedback with her session
I know when u did the HEPADS, i definately felt a lot. Shooting pain thru big toe, thru legs hips and lungs and at one point at heart ad then tingling in legs like it was waking up. And very dizzy, and that whole episode sparked my digestive system. ‎Feel free to include that i coudn't walk straight and that i had to take a washroom break.

Catherine experienced the Compensatory Drift process

Compensatory Drift helps undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment.  Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive.

Catherine's feedback with her session
Feeling a lot in my back (mainly kidney areas) a lot of pain and pressure like I've pulled muscles or something. .. not sure if that's from position although I think not. Also speaking up this afternoon about things that I would normally keep quiet so as not to offend anyone but in doing that I am not doing it in a rude way....and it feels right

Donna experienced the Oldings process

Oldings is intended to undo the effects of again.

Donna's feedback with her session:
Doing great actually....feel much more energetic...I enjoyed it...good for the body and soul...

Angela experienced the Restoration of Immunocytosis & MTVSS process.  

Restoration of Immunocytosis is for people with cancer, intending to restore their body's immune system, and to release excess chemo.  MTVSS is also intended to restore immune system.

Angela's feedback with her session:
Hey Dee next update.had challenging night trying to sleep. Lots of bathroom visits this morning and stomachs been achy all day. I'm never like that. Stay tuned.(a few days later) Hey,  i was much better the day after i gave you my last update. Im thinking i may have been detoxing the day after my treatment. But i have been off the rest of this week i think due to all the celestial occurences which is hard to tell with the timing. Yes no probs if u post them. 

Joanne experienced the experienced the Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities process

Eradication and Elimination of Specific Gravities eliminates what we have done to our bodies to make ourselves heavy and serious to fit into this reality.  It also relates to family dynamics, cultures.

Joanne's feedback with her session:
The body process session itself was relaxing, but powerful. Some physical discomfort came up during the session and my understanding of the pain that it was from beliefs that I was holding deep in my cells/body and that were given permission to surface and release during the session. The discomfort lasted for a few hours but was gone when I woke up the next morning.

The mental and emotional awareness has continued since the session. There has been a continual stream of events/interactions that are challenging me to look at my beliefs and values about work, family relationships, money etc. and ask why I'm holding onto beliefs that aren't mine. I believe the body process session gave my sub-conscience a stamp of approval to be open to and receive messages that my guides have been trying to get me to focus on. And now, they are being put right in my face so I can't ignore them.

I would definitely recommend a body process session with Dee!

Some more stuff above and beyond the 

feedback :)

I definitely want to come back for another session but I need to wait for another couple of weeks. Stuff is happening on a daily basis that is forcing me to look at things that I've been ignoring/working around and ask what is it that I really believe/what is it that I really want. The Universe is no longer being subtle - they are making sure that I can no longer put off accepting/acknowledging what my beliefs are. All good stuff but tiring!

Maggie experienced the Compensatory Drift process

Compensatory Drift helps undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment.  Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive.

Maggie's feedback from her session      
I have noticed that since my treatment I have more energy and also am able to speak out about my feelings more instead of holding it all in.  I am using the release statements that I learned and find they are working very well with reduction in pain and more clarity about questions I have.  Love access bars........Maggie 

Christine Ball

December 2013

"I'm the co-ordinator at The Rock Spa in Kitchener, and have had the pleasure of hosting Dee Hughes' Crystal Healing workshop. The class was excellent, the students got so much great information and were really enthused to explore the crystal energy even further. No matter what Dee teaches, she puts her whole heart into it - I heartily recommend her and her classes, and I can't wait to have her again at The Rock Spa." 

Tracy Bester

November 2013

I have had the pleasure of having Dee Hughes come to Whispering Willows and teach workshops as well as do healings.  Dee is a person who puts her heart and soul into teaching or healing.   She is very thorough, a great listener and is very patient while teaching.  I would highly recommend Dee to do healings as well as teach a workshop.


Tracy Bester,
Owner Whispering Willows

Cindy aka Crystalrainbows

November 2013

Dee Hughes of Voyage of Hope ran crystal introduction workshops at my spiritual connection groups and everyone loved it. Dee was very organized and insightful with the course. She answered everyone's questions. Dee also supplied wonderful hand-outs. Dee is full of knowledge and a fun group instructor.

Thank you Dee for offering this workshop to the group.

Love and Light 

Catherine Graham, Journey Healers

Novemeber 2013

I have had the pleasure of Dee as a healer, a teacher and a colleague.  Dee's approach to teaching is genuine, and her knowledge is expansive.  There is nothing that she doesn't know, or won't look into for you.  When I tell people about her, I always say she is like a giant rose quartz crystal, ready to heal, full of love and good energy. I recommend her for healings and teaching.

Camilla Chalifour

November 2013

My First Reiki session:

WOW….. Just had my first Reiki Session ever… and wow…. I have never experienced so much energy flowing through my Body the women who healed me  was Dee Hughes.. Unreal.. She first had me lay down on a table/bed put a blanket over my body and had me relax and close my eyes.. By relaxing I

I went into a little meditation state so that I would welcome her energy  into  my body and allow her to do her thing… and man was that ever a great  experience. … first she had her hands hover over my body then came over to  my ears and placed her hands beside my ears felt like my ears were being  cupped with warmth… then my body started to react to her energy my  mid-section was twitching and she said” your searching, you keep looking  for your calling” then she placed her hands over my chest (I was seeing Green, and was feeling lots of Love) and the right hand over my lower abdomen. When my eyes were closed I was seeing various colors forming into  a circle and watching it leave my vision almost like a release movement…  then she moved to my legs placed her hand on my left knee and other hand on my left ankle (I have always had very sore knees and my ankle due to a  sprain back when I was 14) then moved to the other leg and did the same.  My  legs take a good beating from all the workouts and cardio I do on a daily  basis. 

Once she was finished she said “I have a couple messages for you.. would you like to hear them?” I said yes of course…. So she said that I am searching for my soul purpose and that my energy was so strong that she  had to tap into my aura’s red green and purple (third eye) and focus the  energy  on them..  she said keep taking the classes and meeting the right people…  Dee also said: It really is an honor to meet you. She also said I was  going  to be very successful I’m a very power full person and  I have lots ahead  of me and to prepare myself because I’m not quite ready yet.. she was able  to see a few of my past lives and saw that I was a practitioner and dealt  with medicine and was a spiritual advisor as well in some way.” I took the experience with open arms was very pleased and now feel amazing!  That was my first reiki session and have been going on a monthly bases now  and have been able to let go of a lot of old habits and find myself.  I

 would recommend it to anybody who is opened to help better their  well-being!


January 3, 2012

Describing just how amazing Dee is and the incredible impact that she has had on my life is a tough thing to do. I was fortunate enough to stumble across Dee's website at a point in my life when I was feeling the need to embark upon a new path, one which I had no idea where to start, what to do or how to do it. As I searched through her website, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I emailed her and she responded right away. I instantly felt a connection with her. She's the kind of person who makes you feel as if you're long lost friends and have known each other forever. I couldn't wait to meet her for Reiki Level 1!

Dee was waiting at the door, ready with a smile and heartfelt hug for each student. She has an exceptional way of making everyone feel welcome. Dee made everyone feel so comfortable, that even though most of us were strangers it felt like a group of friends getting together. Her warmth, enthusiasm and passion for what she teaches is absolutely contagious! You can tell that everything you're learning from her is actually the way she lives her life, not just words from a textbook. After my first course with Dee, I could feel my life changing in incredible ways. Dee inspires me to learn more about the different ways of natural healing, to live my life with a more positive outlook and to have faith in my myself and my abilities. I have now completed Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and Advanced Reiki with Dee. I couldn't imagine going down this path with anyone other than her as my teacher! When you're in a class with 

Dee, you learn so much in such a fun, positive environment that it doesn't feel as if you're in a "class" at all.

On this new path I have chosen, I certainly have a lot of questions and Dee is always quick to respond to everything. She is the most wonderful teacher I could ever have asked for or imagined! She is a powerful healer and incredibly intuitive. I recommend Dee to anyone who has an interest in experiencing and/or learning about alternative healing. I guarantee that it will be a powerful experience that you won't soon forget!

I still can't believe how fortunate I was to have her come into my life. To me, Dee is an absolute star! Shining brightly, helping guide me along my way. Thank you Dee, for just being wonderful you! :)


Catherine Graham, Journey Healers

December 15, 2011

I have had the pleasure to take Dee’s Intro to Crystals and Crystal Therapy Technique class.  As I like to say, Dee has given me a bit of an addiction.

Dee is a warm hearted individual, who takes the time to listen to every student’s need and wants without passing  judgement.

She is knowledgeable in the field of crystals and energy work and provides easy to understand material (both oral and written).

I recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to bring crystal healing into their business practice.


December 6, 2011

I really enjoyed my experience in your crystal treatment course ...
One thing I have learned is that there are a lot of people out  there teaching  reiki, energy healing,

Meditation, aromatherapy and the list goes on, who are not really in my opinion qualified to be teaching these courses and are doing so for the money. Energy or crystal healing is a growing art and there is no standard as to what is taught and by whom...

The crystal healing course taught by Dee Hughes was one of the best courses that I have taken to date. I was very impressed with the handouts text books  that I received. This was not some course where you walk away and wonder why did I take it. This course is a very well planned and thought out.

I graduate from this class with the understanding of how crystals work and the confidence to use them...

I do have to comment on Dee's teaching. The energy and experience she brought to the class was amazing. She was patient with our questions and made sure we had a clear understanding of the techniques and applications while using crystals. She was quick to respond to any of my emails. I felt like no matter what it was not a inconvenience to her.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who loves crystals, because by the time you are done you have the tools knowledge and appreciation for the magical energy healing  they contain.


Shannon S

December 2011

I met Dee through a mutual friend in 2008. I have been getting Reiki sessions from her ever since. Her Reiki sessions have something extra. I love that she incorporates several modalities into one Reiki session. Her intuitive messages during these sessions have helped me manage my stress and find what I love to do in life.

I have also taken Reiki Level 1, Crystal Intro Workshop and Crystal Therapy Technique classes with Dee. Her passion for what she is teaching is infectious. Dee has an amazing amount of knowledge and expresses it very well. She is very encouraging and supportive during classes. Dee has helped open up my intuition and I know she will be along the path to developing my intuition in the future. 


August 2011

""A very powerful alignment technique, in which I experienced quite a shift. It is not for the faint of heart, as the blocks that I carried began to move during the session, after the session, and for 3 days and nights thereafter. I LOVED EVERY minute of the 4 days!!!! As I believe anyone on a journey of body, mind and soul balance can attest to, these shifts are what is necessary to return to peace and in this case - alignment.

Dee's extensive education fused with her incredible intuition, innately guides her to know exactly what you need during the session,             and ensures that you will not leave her care until you are rounded to do so. 

One word - Incredible! 

I highly recommend an Axiatonal Alignment! ""



August 2011

If you are looking for a reiki teacher that embodies the philosophy of reiki and is over the top passionate about sharing/teaching others ....  then Dee Hughes is for you!

I travelled two hours to take Advanced Reiki from Dee this year and it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  Dee is wealth of knowledge and she knows how to pass that knowledge on.  It is a rare gift to be able to "walk the talk" and to be able to "teach others how to do the walk"  Dee has this gift.  I plan on taking my Masters Level Reiki with Dee in the near future and would not hesitate to recommend her as a teacher and a practitioner to anyone.  

Thank you Dee.  Namaste 


August 2011

I have completed Reiki levels 1 & 2.  I met you at Tammy Jo's pay it forward event in New Hamburg, January 2011.  When I met you and you did some enery work, I instantly knew I should try out a Reiki course.   I was just curious in the energy work and new that there was more to life than just the physical. I felt Reiki would be a good starting point, and it was.  With the attunement, I felt the energy flow, I felt stronger, happier, more balanced and way more fulfilled with Life.

Since Reiki, I feel so much more complete, and fulfilled. I felt like I was searching for something, but wasn't sure what it was. I felt trapped and unable to explain what was happening. With Reiki, things have started to explain themselves, I was searching for a higher self, and found it. I am still working on being more connected and more opened, and know it will happen.

I have been able to help others heal and certainly myself too. I have not been really ill since Reiki, and if I do feel a little under the weather, I recover so much faster and the symptoms are minimal.

I can't wait to take more Reiki courses, and certainly looking forward to exploring other energies.

Thank you so much for being my teacher. 


 August 2011

"Dee is a wonderful intuitive person with great healing abilities, being part of her Reiki Level I and II classes have taught me to how to get in touch with the Higher Divine Power for Healing, I look forward to completing my next two levels with Dee in the near future."

Jeff Martin

August 2011

To who it my concern,

I took my ART with Dee Hughes several months ago.  It was a well organized class in a very compassionate environment.  I was successful in furthering my knowledge about Reiki and increasing the strength of my Reiki skills.  Since taking this class I have noticed an increased ability to identify subtle energies.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in furthering their Reiki skills.

Leilan Grace Adair

Hi Everyone!

My name is Leilan (ee'lon).  If you believe in kismit or synchronicity then my meeting with Dee a couple of years ago might be considered fate. I met Dee at a Health Fair located at The Healthy "N More Health Store on Devitt Street. I was looking at all of the various alternative health modalities being offered when I came across Dee's station. I have had a curiosity about Reiki for a long time and if energy healing really worked. I wondered if it could help me with my own ill health issues. I had the exact amount of money in my back jean pocket for a 30 minute session. (It's extremely unusual for me to carry bills in my pockets but after having just been to the bank I knew I had to have money on me.

During this 30 minute introduction to Reiki, I found her intuitive skills and Reiki skills to be very strong. I was able to confirm what she sensed was going on in my body. There was a balancing of temperature, visual imagery and emotional releasing through spontaneous welling of tears in my own eyes that made me take serious note of this energy healing modality. I decided to explore it further.

I signed up for the Level 1 Reiki and was welcomed and accepted with a big hug as soon as I walked in the front door. During the attunement I was very emotionally moved. There were tears streaming down my eyes but I was very happy and humbled by the Reiki gift that was being passed on to me. The support and encouragement you receive continues after the course is completed. Dee will do her best to answer any questions you may have about Reiki and how to allow it to flourish in your own life.

I felt that there was so much to learn and began considering starting a business in the future. I took Level 2 Reiki and I can now call myself a Reiki Practioner. For me, Level 2 attunement was a lot more serene and peaceful compared to the Level 1 attunement. It all felt so natural and it was wonderful to share and experience the blessings of Reiki with one another. Healing intentions were also offered for the ones we loved and needed help, as well. I continue to practice Reiki techniques on myself and feel calmer and better balance after having done a healing session.

As I practice the Reiki techniques on others, I am becoming more confident in my own intuitive and healing talents and skills. I am noticing positive and encouraging transformation of my own thoughts. With Dee's encouragement, wisdom and joie de vivre, I am feeling much more comfortable with the knowledge and belief that I can help people too! I feel that I am blossoming into a very confident, grounded Reiki practioner with the assistance of one very talented, professional and warm-hearted spirit, in an earthly body, known as Dee.

With warm regards, 

Laurie Voigt

July, 2011

Hi Dee, 

Thank you for guiding and supporting me during my past-life regression experience. It was amazing. I learned so much about myself and about my journey from the past.

I always had a fascination for King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. I was sure my regression would take me back to her and her life, but instead, I found myself connected to the royal court in a completely different way. I was given an opportunity to see Anne Boleyn but only from a distance. She was getting out of a rowboat with her daughter Elizabeth in tow. 

During my time in the 1500’s I was a frequent visitor of the Royal Court. I was an adventurer, explorer, poet, soldier and friend of Queen Elizabeth I. I had strong ties to the military and Her Majesty’s fleet of ships during the Spanish Armada. 

During my past life regression I could see ships burning and hear the battle sounds of victory. I could gaze upon the Queen as though she were sitting right next to me. We had intimate conversations about war and family. I could feel real emotions and sense real reaction. 

It was incredible.

The second regression took me on a spiritual journey in which I discovered some ancient secrets long lost to this generation. I was able to bring back “tools” to help me explore the things I learned in more detail.

I had a fantastic experience. It was powerful and exciting. I would highly recommend a past-life regression to anyone who is interested in finding out more about themselves and the fascinating lives they’ve led in other times.

Catherine Ferrar

June 12, 2011

I met Dee through a mutual friend as I had shared with my friend that I wanted a past life regression. I was very nervous in that I didn’t really know what I was to expect or how I would manage it. I didn’t have a specific idea of what I wanted to learn and grow from but I wanted to experience everything.

Dee has a wonderful, calm personality and with a little coaxing, I stepped down from that cloud and experienced 3 past lives. It was very vivid but like a fairytale in that you were a third party witnessing your other lives. I remember a lot about the visit into my past and marvel at the detail. The whole experience was incredible and I left to go to my home in what I call an “enhanced” state. The countryside was beautiful as I drove home and my mood was in some sort of wonder. It made me take a look at my life and move towards the things that make me happy. I remembered my guardian angel – a little soul named Angela who led me by the hand to experience my lives without fear of the unknown.

I went to see Dee again for an interesting session. I was in a deep meditation for what seemed like a very short time but time had yet flown again and I “woke up” refreshed and rested. Dee spoke of what she saw when in was in that state. I was worked on in my midsection with healers working on me. I had a medical condition that could not be fixed except for having a hysterectomy. This session pointed me to a Dr’s visit to help me with western medicine in addition to the  Chinese acupuncture treatment I was taking. It really was wonderful to see the kindness and gentleness that the healers brought with them to help my condition. Now having had the surgery, I am a new, strong and healthy person.

Dee is truly compassionate about healthy bodies and minds and I look forward to meeting up with Dee again to share more experiences.

Mandy Kuelz

November 2010

Dee came into my life through a mutual friend. I had been searching for someone to guide me in a PLR. A previous attempt had not worked, I was reassured by my friend that I would be in good hands with Dee.

I wanted to do a PLR because I had been feeling stagnant in my journey. I was looking for answers to who I was, why I was here and what the heck I was supposed to be doing. I couldn't quite place my finger on what I needed to be focusssing on, and was in a state emotional restlessness that I couldn't shake.

I showed up, a little nervous, and was immediately reassured by Dee's professionalism. She was wonderfully friendly, and explained the whole procedure to me. We ended up having some things in common which made me feel very connected to her.

Explaining the experience is easiest if you recall what it feels like to be in the floaty space right before sleep. You are deeply relaxed, and thoughts kind of float in and out of your mind without really making any kind of impact. When I entered my first PL, it felt like a dream I was very connected to. I knew details about everything, and with Dee's gentle guidance, was able to find out what I was doing not only in that life, but 2 other ones as well. The 2 hours were over in an instant, and I returned to awareness excited, relaxed, and with a huge amount of understanding.

There was an immediate feeling of timelessness and peace in my body. I knew I had existed, and would continue to exist, forever. The reassurance you recieve from this revelation alone is life changing.

A couple days later, I re-visited the notes Dee had taken during the session, and filled in some blanks. My mind was still processing what had happened, and I realised I was able to get back into the lives just by concentrating a little! It was incredible.

A couple of weeks later, I was still very centred and peaceful. One day, everything suddenly clicked together. I understood why I had been shown those specific lives, and what the messages were. It all helped me understand things NOW. I was so grateful and exuberant! My husband had to listen to me once again as I excitedly shared the new information I had received. All these things had been gleaned from 2 short hours with Dee.

It's been a couple of months now, and I am still having snippets of those lives popping into my mind. My awareness and connection to my own being has greatly incresed. I feel more centred, able to take life as it comes, and have completely released any fears I had about death, continuity, or purpose. I am more patient, understanding and less quick to anger...my family has been commenting on it, and I quietly thank Dee and myself every time.

I have recommended PLR to everyone I know. It makes you aware of the depth of your true self, the things you have learned and are learning, your struggles and successes...why wouldn't you try it? It's like YOU giving yourself advice and guidance. It's all you. It's wonderfully reassuring to realise that you have all the information and answers you need to achieve whatever it is you are trying to do in this life.

I will be booking another appointment with Dee in the spring. It's like a boost to your learning journey. And the added bonus: the whole hypnosis procedure leaves you relaxed and recharged for weeks! Everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. Namaste Dee, we'll be in touch

Carrie Bergen-Geisel

March 23, 2010

Currently, I have had approximately six Reiki sessions with Dee and plan to have many more in the future. Before meeting Dee, I had experienced a Reiki session with another practitioner and I found that I enjoyed Dee’s sessions much more. In addition to being very relaxing and having a nice atmosphere, I like that Dee communicates what she experiences. At the end of the session she always gives an overview of what she felt or saw and this is always very enlightening and helpful. I love how intuitive Dee is and I feel this is what really sets her apart from other Reiki experiences I have had. Her sessions also really help to centre me.

I have already recommended a few people to Dee and they have loved their experience as well. I will continue to recommend Dee and will continue to see her myself.

Dianne Gow

March 15, 2010

I met Dee at a reiki share a couple of years ago. I connected with her immediately and have gotten energy treatments from here. So when I decided to obtain my Reiki level one I felt very comfortable to take it with her.

Dee made my level one Reiki a wonderful experience. She was very professional and put us at ease and made the two days a great and motivational learning experience. I went away feeling much more open and my three weeks after the attunement just made me more intuitive to see things as they are not as they should be. It makes each day much easier to face and when I am ready for level two Dee will be the Reiki master attuning me for sure.

Debra F.

March 2010

I met Dee in an advanced Mediumship class and we immediately clicked as friends.

A few years later, I experienced approximately 2 months in bed with major dizzy spells. I listened to my body through eating and then was only bedridden for 5 days out of 7 only. Eventually, I would have a reoccurrence that would last only 3 or 4 days. I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Dee again, she saw what bad shape I was in with a reoccurrence of a dizzy spell - my eyes were not focused, stomach upset and I had to lay horizontal with my eyes fixed on one spot to get through this episode.

Dee kindly offered to give me a Reiki treatment and I gladly accepted. The Reiki treatment lasted approximately 1 hour. The results were awesome! My dizzy reoccurrence subsided for approximately 5 days before another would come. I, then went to Dee a few more times for her Reiki treatments with the amazing result, that it kept the dizzies away for a longer period then previously experienced.

Once, I was also fortunate to experience the crystals with a Reiki treatment which left me totally relaxed, content and healthy once again for an extended period of time.

I would highly recommend Dee's Reiki and/or Crystal service. I know longer have dizzy spells but the Reiki treatments, crystals and energy work was a godsent to me.

This is my own experience but I ask you to have no expectations and enjoy the experience because you will have positive effects of your own. Fondly,