Spirit Guide Portrait & Intuitive Message

Investment is $75.00

Thanks to Dale Kelloway, I've been introduced to a new creative way to connect with Guides, and whoever, whatever else channels through.

Originally I was just creating these for myself, then after taking her class the 2nd time, it offered me the encouragement to offer this as a service.

I tap into your energy to connect with which Spirit Guide would like to present themself to you, however they prefer. It may be human form and it may not be.  They also offer their wisdom to you in a channeled message.  You aren't required to be present, as for now I find this works better for me. Depending on my schedule, I do ask for a week for a turn around time.

SCANNING: there is no cost to scan your Spirit Guide and send as an attachment in an email. 

MAILING: there is an extra cost if you are located outside of the K-W area, and would like your portrait mailed to you. Cost would depend on where it is being mailed to + packaging.

For entertainment purposes only


April 2017

Dee drew one of my spirit guides, absolutely amazing. If you are looking to meet your guides I highly recommend Dee as the one to introduce you. Looking forward to meeting more after I get to know this one. Thank you so much!


More Testimonials

Winner of Facebook SGP contest in 2016


My very first thought, as I saw the picture before the letter was that he looks exactly as the kind of man I am attracted to.
Interesting that he is here to take me from darkness into Light, which goes along with the energy of the bat I have been feeling so intensely lately.

~ Sarah


More portraits...

I created these in Dale's 2nd class in March 2016. These are 2 more of my Spirit Guides. The male portrait has similarities to my dad (passed away in 1987), and the female portrait apparently has similarities to me (so I was told :) ).

I know it's hard to see small details in pictures of portraits, however, the male portrait's eyes have swirls in them...  just like the curl in the middle of his forehead, near his 3rd eye.


Julio & Princess

I created these two in Dale's first class in Oct 2013.  The male portrait, his name came through as Julio (Hulio).

The female portrait has some kind of princess energy.  Almost a soft demanding energy.  Speaking directly through her eyes.



I created Carlyle early 2014, after returning home from an Access Consciousness class.  

Her presence was strong and her energy was gypsy style.  I use to dress up as a gypsy as a kid for Halloween, so wasn't overly surprised I had a spirit guide with gypsy energy.



I created this in November 2013.  To this day, he/she still calls me to look it's way often, when I walk by.  There is stil some fascination with me, with this to this day.