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Wellness (Energy) Session Prices (various separate pages)

Various energy techniques and body processes to choose from. Each one plays a different role in a healing session, as well in a recipient's personal growth.

Select one for your session, or let your body choose what it desires.. either works :)


For energy sessions; stand alone, or combined techniques:   

('session' timing includes session & any session discussion) 


*15 minute increments @ $20, maximum 1hr, unless client agrees to exceed the 1hr timeframe. Since each session is usually different, we might as well go with the flow! 


(*unless otherwise stated)  


In-Home 1-hour sessions (me coming to your place); may be available depending on details, only within the K-W area,cost is $160.00

Use the pull down menu to read through various energy processes.

Intuitive Guidance Readings

If you feel you need guidance in decluttering your thoughts, or if you need validation of where you are in life, this reading may help you have a clearer understanding of various dynamics in your life. READ MORE...

Intuitive Guidance Reading Home Parties

Contact me if you're interested in hosting an Intuitive Guidance Reading Party. READ MORE...

Crystal Jewllery

A great way to carry 'empowering' crystals. with you all the time.  READ MORE... prices vary 

Spirit Guide Portraits

This service offers you an opportunity to receive a portrait of one of your Spirit Guides, human form or any other form.  A channeled message is also included. READ MORE...

Past Life Regression

An experience worth trying! This isn't a reading, you revisit a past life for various reasons. READ MORE...



Monthly shares are a great way to practice what you are certified in, receive a session, meet others, as well as learn from others on the same path.

Classes & Workshops

Various classes to enhance your awareness, skills, and personal growth.  Listen to your body in how it responds when you read through any class description, as your body knows what it desires and requires.

Taking a Reiki class?

Here is a few self-care suggestions to contribute to an easy flow into a new vibration.  Please note, these are only suggestions, not mandatory expectations.

Payment Options

A few convenient payment methods.


My point of view, and experience with meditation,

Calling Reiki Practitioners!

World Peace Card Meditations link.  As people meditate in each successive time zone the energy builds like a wave which gets stronger and stronger as it circles the planet. Because of the higher dimensional nature of consciousness, the energy of peace will be transmitted for a full 24 hours and continue long after this. 

Wellness Combos


Wellness Session & Reading

Schedule a 45 minute wellness (energy session) and a 20 minute intuitive reading for the same price as an hour wellness session/

Wellness session includes any and all of the energy sessions I offer through Voyage of Hope
-> Reiki
-> Access Body Processes
-> Axiatonal Alignment
-> Crystal Sessions
-> Chakra Balancing
-> Energy Cord Clearing
-> Pendulum Sessions
-> or a combined wellness session
-> all wellness choices are listed on my website under 'Services & Prices'

There's an option of having a 10 minute intuitive reading before your wellness session and a 10 minute intuitive reading after your wellness session.

The benefits of this package is to offer you an insight into what is ready to be cleared, or what you're holding on to too tightly. Sometimes, when we are ready to to clear that something out, it offers space for similar dynamics with the same vibration to be cleared as well. Leaving more space for new possibilities, a new way of living, a new evolved YOU!

Contact me to schedule your session.


Let Your Body Decide Combo

Let your body decide what wellness session/body process it desires.  You can speak your choice if you desire, then let your body choose for you.

Our bodies are more intelligent than most of us give them credit for.  Our ego usually speaks louder than our bodies.  When we allow our bodies to speak, this gives space for amazing, miraculous events and healing to take place.

Price is the same as any wellness session.  Option of 15 minute increment sessions as well.


Brain Qi and Trauma Body Process

Brain Qi  offers physical and functional balance through the skull.  Hand positions and energy pathways are also part of this technique; reminding our brain's energetic wisdom to step into it's infinite healing potentials.

Also included with this, is running one of the Trauma body processes from Access Consciousness®.

In my experience, running these two together can offer the recipient a new way to clear out trauma, while balancing the brain's re-connection to the body.

Price is the same as any wellness session.  Option of 15 minute increment sessions as well.

Ongoing Specials



Keep checking back for any specials being offered.

Occasional specials are also posted here as well as on my business face book page, trumping other specials 

Specials of any kind, are subject to change without notice...


Special Referral Offer

You will receive a 1/2 price energy session, matching the timeframe your referral attends, (does not include past life regression), after your referral attends an energy session at regular price.   

Referral Special is honored for a maximum of 3 referrals.


Jump Start Package for new clients

For new clients: Jump Start 4-Week Offer - Since it's been recognized to give yourself a fair chance to bond with energy work, three sessions within a short timeframe (e.g. a month) seems to be a recommended booster start.  Within this time frame you should feel more balance within your Self.  When you attend three energy sessions within a one month timeframe, the third one is half price. This special 4-week offer is only offered once.

The breakdown for the 4-week new client special will be as follows...
 1. your first session would be full price, 
 2. your second session would be full price, 
 3. and your third session would be half the price, 

While my prices for an hour session is $75, your investment for three sessions would be $225.00.  With this Jump Start program, your investment for three sessions is $190.00.

This Jump Start Package offer available once for new clients within the first year, providing 3 sessions are within a 4-week timeframe.  Repeats of this special are not offered. 


Gift Certificates

Available year round; 1 gift certificate for $60.00.  Special price offered if you are buying multiple gift certificates Although purchased gift certificates won't expire, an expiration date within 4 months of gifting is recommended to encourage recipient to appreciate your gift. After noted expiration date, recipients are still able to schedule a session for unused gift certificate.  


Door Prizes

Complimentary Session Certificate: When you are running a wellness event, and would appreciate a complimentary session certificate through Voyage of Hope.. please ask me!   

When possible, I will donate one with an expiration date.