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Downloadable PDF Self-Care Tip Sheet

Resets for Upsets

Meditation Suggestions

Downloadable PDF Self-Care Tip Sheet

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Resets for Upsets

At a Reiki share, these suggestions were shared, and then the name of the list was created as well

  1. Print the self-care tips, also found on this web-page.  Some of those suggestions may be repeated here, however will have more details.
  2. Say: After you God (over and over again until you have a shift)
  3. Talk to God/ Angels/Spirit Guides/Heavenly Helpers
  4. Reiki session / Re-attune yourself
  5. Crystal session
  6. Hold a crystal/stone and breath in, embrace the calming energy.
  7. Ask another practitioner for a session that resonates with you, your body
  8. MY FIRST GO TO: Ask: Who does this belong to? And proceed from there. And disengage from any expectation any perception that is your job to do anything with it.. let it dissipate, let it go. 
  9. Ask: How does it get better than this? (not just for possibilities, also for space for awareness)
  10. Ask: What else is possible? And be open for possibilities. (not just for possibilities, also for space for awareness)
  11. Ask: What other choices do I have? And be open for possibilities. (not just for possibilities, also for space for awareness)
  12. What haven’t I thought of yet that would considerably contribute to this situation? For me during this situation? (not just for possibilities, also for space for awareness)
  13. Body show me what I require.
  14. Ask: What vibration was I to attract that? (not just for possibilities, also for space for awareness)
  15. Clearing statement for distractor implants
  16. Clearing statements
  17. Breathe – 5 finger breath.
  18. Talk your dog for a walk. Or borrow a neighbour's dog.
  19. Meditate
  20. Be in allowance of what is going on – clear out resistance. 
  21. Say to yourself: "I matter", over and over again, until you sense a shift.
  22. Dance how your body desires to move!
  23. Find ways to laugh. Fun is sometimes the last thing we 'squeeze' into our day. 
  24. I am only as limited as I choose to be.
  25. Go outside/go for a walk/ go bare feet (earthing)
  26. I can do this! (repeat over and over again until you have a shift)
  27. Don’t take it personally – be compassionately detached
  28. Visualize the outcome you desire
  29. Say: this is going to be easy! (repeat over and over again until you sense a shift)
  30. Smile.. and keep smiling until it reaches your core. Smile for you, not anyone else.
  31. Say: Interesting point of view
  32. I haven’t come this far to just get this far
  33. Say: now isn’t this an interesting turn of events
  34. Listen, and be present.
  35. Identify if you're bored.  Boredom on it's own, can be depressing.
  36. Create your own list, or add to this one! 
  37. Turn on the timer for half an hour or an hour.  Whatever time-frame you choose, once the timer goes off, do a check in, and ask yourself if you're ready to move on, or stay where you are for a bit longer. Perhaps r

Meditation Suggestions


I played with the title of this page; 'meditation', or 'breathing', or 'groundedness' or 'mindfullness'.. for now, I'll flow with 'Meditation'.

Just wanted to share my own experiences when I disconnect from my core centre, from whom I like to be, the balanced 'Dee', vs the ego blocked individual.

One day I was working on my laptop without the proper power source. For those of you with laptops know there's a  power indicator; how much power is left before the system shuts down without the proper power supply.

This got me thinking how similar this is to me.  Each time I try to 'run on my own power' I know I hear signs, see signs, feel signs, that I need to reconnect with my Higher Source and/or perhaps reconnect with me.  Yet sometimes I don't.  I chose to drag myself hour to hour, sometimes day to day on exhausting uphill climbs, without any inner guidance, and needless to say, in no specific direction.  During these times, my health is affected, my belief system is affected, my day/night routine is affected.. yet I still don't 'reconnect'!

Can't explain how the light turns back on.. but i'm so grateful it does.  Things change once I reconnect. The same 'dark corners' have lit up, how the impossible uphill climb doesn't seem so hard anymore, and so on.

It's interesting how we maintain our car to allow maximum performance, and always reconnect our laptop before it shuts down.. yet we still don't always have a personal maintenance schedule to ensure personal maximum performance, and the amazing part of it is, it wouldn't take much!

Mindfulness points to keep in mind...

Remember to have ‘me’ time

Don't underestimate how important it is to have me-time, even if you have to schedule this.  And yes, I know, most people would say how impossible this is.  I was a single mom of two young daughters for years, working full time, so yes, I get this.  Do what you can to ensure you find me-time.  Ensure you do something to enjoy time to yourself, even if it's a few minutes of nothing.  Free your mind and don’t feel guilty about desiring and enjoying your space away from friends and family.  

Maintain important relationships

Make a phone call to someone that is special to you, even if it's only for a minute.  It's amazing how these connections can raise our vibration. 

Make time for those special people in your life in person, even for a an hour or so.

In my experience, ensure thees individuals enhance/add to who you are, not subtract.  If you feel tired, or in a bad mood after being with them, then perhaps it's time to declutter a few friendships.  Not get rid of completely, but perhaps be more particular when and how much time you give of yourself to these friends.

Eat properly and exercise

I know this sounds like a broken record, but it is important to eat properly.. again, like that old saying goes, you wouldn't put anything in a car's gas tank that would damage the engine... yet most of us don't make many healthy food choices.  

Quality vitamins are an option as well. 

Water...another broken record, drink lots of quality (not tap) water.  

Finding time to exercise is sometimes a stressor on it's own at times.  Yet when we do exercise, most of us are amazed how good we feel.  There are so many thrift stores in the K-W area, regularly check them for inexpensive workout equipment to let you let exercise fit in your life, vs trying to fit your life around exercising. 

Make all of this fun for yourself.  

Get your rest

Sleep seems to be a challenge for a lot of people.  Most of us do feel more energized with a good night’s rest. It helps us be more efficient during waking hours. Yes, I know.. sleep gets in the way of life.. but keep in mind, with proper sleep, we can handle life better.  

Sleep is also a main ingredient for inner healing.  A high need for sleep may be an indicator of depression.  Know your body and be honest about yourself.  Speak to your family doctor if required.

Know when to say no

Boundaries are another challenge for a lot of individuals.  At times it seems the more we give, the more that's expected of us.  Keep in mind, sometimes it's not a limit of love/kindness/neglect you're putting around family, friends, or work, but just simple boundaries.  We are own own best mechanic. it is ok, and even healthy, to say no when you feel that you are being stretched too far, or we just need a bit of down time. 




Here is where this comes in...  people may define meditation as time consuming, or they don't know how, or they can't meditate more than 2-3 minutes and then their mind gets too busy.  

Well this is easier than you think.  

Try this.. for one minute, and use the stove timer if it's easier.  For one minute slow down your breathing so it fills your belly when you inhale, if you're female, forget the social expectation of holding your stomach in.. let it out!  

Fill up your belly by inhaling slowly and don't rush to exhale...  exhale slowly as well at your own pace, and empty your belly of air. Repeat slowly. filling your belly with air, and slowly exhale.  While doing this, empty your mind.. think of nothing, or have a single positive point of focus.

I remember a chiropractor friend made a suggestion, place one hand on the chest/lung area, and one on the stomach area.  Now take a breath.  If your hand on your chest moved, your breathing from the wrong place.  Your stomach should have moved.  There's more stress created within our shoulders and neck area when we breath from our chest area.

Whenever your  body requires a break, even at work.. take a walk away from your working station/desk, and just breath.. inhale slow deep breaths, then exhale slowly.  Find your own pace, what works for you. 

Something something so simple, and necessary, as breathing, can enhance and renew our mind, body, spirit and soul.   

Pamper yourself

Do something special just for yourself, even if you just sit in front of the tv for half an hour to watch a mindless show. 


That old saying 'laughter is the best medicine'.. it still is!  Find ways to have positive fun, find that belly laugh again :) 

This always makes me giggle...

Don’t sweat over petty things, and don't pet sweaty things! 

Learn a relaxation technique

Reiki for example, offers a body relaxation on a higher level.  If you're not already certified, then learn Level-I.  You can do a lot with this level, especially give your body relaxation sessions, which can offer your body an opportunity to self-heal.

Look into other options.  There are many many energy techniques around.  Find one your body responds to just by reading the name of it, and/or the description.


These short phrases has pulled me through many many times.

After You God

Let Go, Let God.

Whatever your belief system is, find simple phrases that are easy to remember.