Pendulum Workshop and Classes

Two choices to offer. An Pendulum Intro evening, and a full day class.

Pendulum Intro Workshop


Investment $50.00

Time: 2-3 hour workshop

No previous certification or experience required.

Registration and $20 deposit (or full payment) will contribute to securing your attendance.

Registration form is below this section.

Check for the next Pendulum class/workshop or ask me to create one! 


This workshop is great for anyone just desiring to learn the basics of pendulums.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice with your own pendulum, one that you already have, or one offered with this workshop.

With your investment, you receive: 

  • hand outs, 
  • practice time in class, 
  • exercises to incorporate into your every day life, 
  • as well as a pendulum.

For a more advanced pendulum class, scroll down to read more on the Pendulum Technique class.



  • Basic pendulum knowledge and care
  • Selecting future pendulums
  • How to work with your pendulum
  • Chakra balancing with your pendulum - in class
  • Release Ritual exercise - in class
  • How to be a human pendulum
  • Class questions
  • The energy of the participants will also guide the class

Join in and have some fun with pendulums! 

Pendulum Technique Class


Investment: $300.00​

Time: 10am to 6pm (times may vary depending on size of class) 

A comfort level with pendulums is helpful, however not mandatory.

Registration and $50 deposit will contribute towards securing your attendance. 

Registration form is located below this section.

Investment includes: 

  • Manual (my creation with some outsourced information), 
  • Pendulum, 
  • Hands-on practice, 
  • Certificate with completion of class

Check for the next Pendulum class/workshop or ask me to create one!


There are so many websites describing what pendulums are, in this class, I will offer you my experience with them
from my point of view/

A pendulum is (usually) an easy tool to use to offer guidance at times when we feel tangled in-between ego and awareness; confused for any reason.  We can even use our own body as pendulums.

A pendulum doesn't have to be made of anything specific.  You can even use a button swinging off of thread.   As long as whatever you are using to make a pendulum is light enough to swing, then it can be used.

There are different interpretations of how to ask your/a pendulum questions.  Some will say you tell it what you want it to do; another interpretation is to clarify what answers should look like, and some would say go with the flow.  None are wrong.  As usual, when you work with energy, anything is possible, as long as it resonates with you.

Pendulums are used for so many dynamics.  Questions and answers; finding lost items, just to name a couple.  The use for pendulums are endless.

This random website offers a variety of ways to incorporate a pendulum.

Human Pendulum

Don't have pendulums, or divining rod, or any other dowsing tool on you in a store?'ll experience how to use using your body as a human pendulum, and how  is quick and easy this is once you get the hang of it.  You can ask your body anything and everything, from which supplements, which book, how many of something, and so on.

Class Agenda

  • Intro, and share one thing you've heard about pendulums, doesn't matter what.
  • What knowledge/experience you are wanting to walk away from this workshop with
  • Selecting future pendulums
  • How to work with your (new or
    existing) pendulums
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Dimensions
  • Clearing various unwanted restrictions from your Self
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Energy Cord Clearing
  • Past Life Clearing
  • Receiving Abundance Clearing
  • Distant Session
  • How to be a human pendulum
  • Class share on class questions on pendulums
  • In-class practice
  • And the participants will also contribute to the energy of the class

Join in and have some fun with pendulums!

This class guides you into how to use pendulums in your every day life.


Please submit the preferred deposit for either of these classes, along with the registration form, to secure your attendance.

Any questions, contact me at