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Registration Form (downloadale form)

Payment Options

Requests prior to your session

Registration Form for all classes and workshops

Please submit your registration form and class deposit (or full payment) prior to class to secure your attendance.

Any questions, please contact me at



Registration form Blank (doc)


Payment Options in Canadian Funds





Email Money Transfer


Please use 'dee.hughes137@gmail.com' for email money transfers.

Debit (only tap available for now)




My preference is to using credit cards as the last option, however it is still an option.

Payment for classes:  all payment options listed above.

Receipts:  are available and offered.

For sessions: please return registration form prior to session if possible.  I will have copies here as well to fill in, if you are unable to download it or print it.

For events: please return registration to address listed on form along with your deposit.  Returning registration via email is an option as well.

Energy exchanges will also be considered providing arrangements have been made at time of scheduling session. 

Gift Certificates are available as well.  More information under 'Services & Prices'.  Click on the 'Gift Certificate' button below.

Requests prior to your session


Please avoid smoking prior to session.


Please be hydrated before your session, when possible.


Please contact me if you cannot attend your session, as soon as possible.

My preference is you reschedule or cancel your session prior to your session, even if it's an hour before, then not showing up, as I can use that time wisely for other dynamics, even if it's taking the time for a self-care choice.

For now, I do not charge for missed sessions.  If you miss/cancel/no-show 3 sessions, I will suggest another practitioner. To date, this has only happened once.  How does it get easier than this !