Past Life Regression is an opportunity to create different choices today.


Investment is $160.00 for a 2 hour session

Prior to session, I will sit with the client to identify a a focus or two he/she would like to revisit (for whatever reason) , prior to regression.  Examples are below under heading 'Purpose of a Past Life Regression'. 

Client is made comfortable on my treatment table.  I read from a relaxation script that is approx 15 minutes, which incorporates your focus.  This relaxation script leads you into revisiting your past life.

After your past life, the script takes you back to the beach to meet a Spirit Guide, where you have the option of asking your Guide a question, and asking for a gift to remember your regression with.  Then I bring you back to the room.

2-hours is an approximate, however it shouldn't be more than 2 hours.

Actual Regression

Thoughts to keep in mind for a regression:  It's best to keep intellect out of a regression, as trying to analyze what you see, who you are, etc, or even what or where your focus may offer you, may disallow a full regression experience.  What you 'see' in your mind's eye during your regression is to be accepted as fact.  As there's a slim chance of proving what we see as truth .. it's easier just to let the 'movie' show in your mind's eye.  

The best way to experience a regression is not to question it while you're in the regression.  The less intellect involved the better.

I will ask you questions based on the information you are offering me.  As well, I will ask for your name, where you are, what year it is.  Client can't always answer all these questions.  Questions will also depend on what your answers are and what details you give.

  • Some client's voices will change slightly to who they presently are in their regression. 
  • Some clients experience actual emotions during a regression (laughter, tears, etc)
  • Some clients will jump from past life to past life. I will do my best to keep you within one past life until I obtain details through you. The script does take you to the end of your life as that person, this way you're able to look back as 'person' and identify some life lessons, etc.

If there's time, I will coach you in revisiting another past life. 

After a Regression

Client may provide more details with what they remember but didn't share at the time, which will be added to my notes for you to take home, and/or I we may clarify details I've scribed.

Client may feel tired, and/or busy-mind with what just took place.  It's recommended you don't have a busy home/life schedule after a regression.

Information from your past life regression may continue to be 'downloaded' for 1-2 days. 

It is recommended that you continue to take notes for any new information.

Purpose of a Regression

A past life regression may help client find answers to some questions.  It may also help find missing puzzle pieces to their life's choices.  At times, having more information on a certain matter/emotion helps work through it.  Some clients just want to experience a regression out of curiosity.

These suggestions for a focus are from my workshop notes as well as from actual clients' sessions (and my own experiences).  If you can’t think of one, we can brainstorm an idea when you're here. 

Here are a few suggestions for journey of souls:

  • relationships
  • weight challenges
  • health challenges
  • hearing/sight challenges
  • attractions, connections, repulsions
  • fears, phobias that can't be explained in this lifetime
  • general addictions
  • birth marks
  • going back to explore gifts/talents
  • clarifying life, purpose, directions
    look at promises we've made at other times
  • family choice
  • characteristics/personality traits 


Your session is recorded

I take notes based on what I can hear is being shared.  Often clients will whisper not realizing they're whispering.  

My notes will only be fraction of what client actually sees, hears, feels, etc.  Client receives a copy of these notes. 

Client will receive a copy of the recording. You are also encouraged to bring your own recording device. 

Recordings are not  guaranteed.

Client is encouraged to write their own notes after regression when they get home, as well as the day after as well, as information may continue to download for approx 48 hours. 


Generate excitement

I've experienced a few past life experiences, as we experienced them during the workshop; PLR exchanges with the friend that took the class with me; as well as attending PLR sessions.

A few have been powerful/insightful, a couple I'm still trying to figure them out.  But all of them have been incredible knowing that each of those individuals exists in me today, as well as all of them also contributed to who and what I am today. 

With a couple of regressions, the regressed person's energy stayed with me for a bit afterward, or some of the experiences, but this is also part of the learning/downloading part of it all.  All the experiences have been amazing!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to set up a past life regression session.