More Energy Techniques

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Brain Qi

High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure

Intuitive Healing

Light Weaving

Brain Qi


Brain Qi is a system integrated from Cranial Anatomy, Neuromenigeal Theory, and Gi Gong Methodology.  I learned this technique from Tanny (not sure of the spelling of her name, and I don't know her last name).  She offered us hand outs that depicted the three techniques combined to create her own unique technique.​ 

The intention for this technique is to offer a physical and functional balance through the skull.  In Tanny's words from her hand out... "The skull, it's membranes, vascularity and ventricles can be fairly easily accessed and change.  Plasticity in the brain structures translate to plasticity everywhere else that brain influences."


"When you bring the light of your awareness to another's tissue, they have the option to see and address it"


Generate excitement

 Practitioner works on the head area.

Technique incorporates the energy pathways, in either yin-yang circles (clockwise/counter clockwise), as well as breaking up energy, or other ways of travelling energy through the recipient. 



Deb received Brain Qi the most of any of my clients. It only seemed fit to ask her for a testimonial to post.

"Simply put, I find that brain qi sessions with Dee 'reset' the structure of my muscles and tendons of head and neck. I come away with my teeth properly aligning, my TMJ relaxed and the headaches from the tension gone! "


Ohana Generational Healing


 In 2016, Catherine Graham of Journey Healer created a way to heal the past, present, and future of inherited family trauma.  To read more about this technique and/or Catherine, please visit her website.

 By honoring our ancestors stories (and giving them space to live in our hearts) we give them space to heal, forgive, find compassion and understanding, so that they too can move forward.  

 Ohana Generational Healing is an ideal treatment for people who are feeling stuck by inherited family trauma, or wanting to break the patterns of hurt and pain that their family has suffered.  

This specific technique would require minimum of one hour.

High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure


Detail your services

Using a pulse reading by placing three fingers gently on pulse points on the outside of each inner wrist, is the way the 'where to start' questions are answered.  Documenting your pulse pattern (to answers) on paper will define which flow to facilitate. I have several flow charts to work from.  

Jin Shin works with 26 bilateral energy release points. These act like circuit breakers during a treatment to open the body's energy flow by gently touching and holding certain points, using the tip of my finger. I stay on the bilateral energy release points until I feel a pulse on both sides. When the release points are open the energy flows freely, evenly on both points. When the release points are blocked, this part of our Self may not functioning in balance.  

Potential Flow Options

To give you an idea of a potential flow options (from 'High Touch, Jin Shin Workbook I)', for example:

MAIN CENTRAL VERTICAL: "this flow gives energy an overall tune-up to the whole being.  It is the major centering flow.  It balances the appetite, clears the eye, head, throat, chest, digestive organs, pelvis, back, lymph, blood, and nervous systems.  It energizes the being's life source."

LUNG FLOW: "Characteristic profile of blocked Lung Flow: Heavy mucus production, grief, sorrow, shock, melancholy, needing to lie down a lot, feeling physically weak, diminished common sense and sense of humor, diminished mental clarity, conniving personality, anguished longing, insecurity, immaturity, living in the past, negative attitude, emotional imbalance."

SMALL INTESTINE FLOW: "Characteristic profile of blocked Small Intestine Flow: pretense, crying on the inside, laughing on the outside, inappropriate joy, masking feelings, insecurity, confusion, trying too hard, hyperactivity or lethargy, too cold or too hot, nervous system, faintheartedness, seriousness, shyness, afraid to play."

DIZZINESS FLOW: "Use for heart conditions, back stiffness, eye and ear problems, coughs, colds, fussiness, and dizziness."

Example of Numbered Flows

There are also combination numbered flows (wording from High Touch, Jin Shin Workbook II), for example:

#2 Flow: "Traditionally, #2 Flow has been used for, abdominal pain, lower and upper back, bladder, constipation & diarrhea, fear, feet puffy, grief, ground us in the physical form, hemorrhoids, hips, infertility, swollen and tense legs, pelvic girdle, pelvic surgery recovery, during and after pregnancy, prostrate, reproductive area and organs, sciatica, urinary system."

#20 Flow: "Traditionally, #20 Flow has been used for, anemia, dizziness, high blood pressure, brain stress, colds, cough, mucus, digestive organs, same side, chest/heart tension, ears, hearing, eating excessive indigestible foods, eyes, vision and eye shape, facial tension, head tension/ache, heavy head, mental bondage, neck stiffness, sinus."

There is also the 26 energy points to work with (wording from High Touch,

Jin Shin Workbook I, picture below), for example:

Point 1: "is the first mover. It takes us into the new.  It rejuvenates all the other points and unlocks all five physical depths.  It pulls waist up tensions down. 

1s and high 1s clear the abdomen and digestive organs."

Point 8: "is our magic, ruling all the unexplainable and bringing us illumination.  The 8s release tension in the head, abdomen, digestive organs, legs, knees, reproductive organs, pelvic girdle, and muscles."

Point 15: "brings us true joy, filling the heart with happiness.  The 15s release tension in the back, heart, blood system, bones, pelvis, hips, legs, and sexual organs."

Point 26: "is the final completion where all that was, is, and will be come together in perfect harmony.  The 26s release everything."

High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure also incorporates Energy Cycles of the Body, The Five Elements, Qualities of the Organ Flows, Ying/Yang time of day, and Finger release of Mental & Emotional states

Intuitive Healing


As I was trained through Soul Connection, being present is an important dynamic for Intuitive Healing.  As an Intuitive Healer, using intuitive skills, I lovingly and respectfully connect and listen to a Higher Wisdom to guide me in what the client needs during his/her session.

it is important that I trust my intuition, as there is no template to follow when we trust in a Higher Source.  ncorporating Intuitive Healing as i work with energy techniques enhances the potential understanding of what the client needs from moment to moment. 

Intuitive Healing provides tools to help visualize a potential blockage and slowly begin to dissolve that blockage, to allow over all wellness to begin.

Intuitive messages may also channel through.  At times this may provide validation for the individual, or it may be a message to be conveyed to you at this time for your Higher Self.


We all have the ability to tune into our own needs. We have signs when something within our health structure has shifted, even if its something as common as a cold.  Some of us will start the balanced wellness by doubling up on vitamins, or slowing life down for a bit.  Or it may be time to ask for your doctor's opinion.  Either way, Intuitive Healing is listening long enough to realize there's something drawing our attention within our natural body's rhythm, and to do something about it.

Always listen to your internal Intuitive Healer.  

Light Weaving

Although this is new for me to facilitate since early 2016, I am in awe with how it feels from both sides, from a recipient's and facilitator's.

It's my understanding that this technique connects with areas of your aura that may have tears, rips, or some level of damage, and basically weaves it back together.

At some point, I am guided to where to begin and where to go next, and my hands are above your body, and my fingers work in a weaving type pattern.



Feb 2016

 I felt myself lift off the table, then at some point, there was  an energy pull, felt like a tickle from my feet, coming up my legs  up to my shoulder, then it felt like it just disappeared, kind of felt  like it was pulling up (and out?) negative energy. and then I don't  remember much after that.  St some point I felt my lower half was  more present, more whole. Very cool experience.

​    Meilissa