I am often asked what miracles I’ve witnessed or experienced with Reiki, Access Bars®, or any energy technique/body process.  

Although I’ve never really documented all the feedback clients have offered, I know there have been many I'm aware of.  I've been a volunteer at Hope Springs Cancer Support Center) since 2007, and I'm confident Reiki has offered it's own miracles to many, from a good night sleep, to releasing blocked energy, to offering more time, to balancing their health details.

In my own practice, between myself and clients, i've been privy to various miracles on a daily basis.

  • A client shared with me that after she was in a car accident as a child, her kidney didn't grow as per 'normal' expectations.  Going through an ultrasound in 2016 (she's in her 70's) validated that both her kidneys were normal size. (full testimonial below)
  • One client came for sessions years ago to help treat some body limitation (can't remember what). After a few sessions she shared with me that she didn't have any menstrual cramps as severe as she use to. This wasn't the reason she started with Reiki, however since Reiki has it's own intelligence, it will balance what it feels is important for whatever reason at that moment in time.
  • Many clients report back a great night sleep, best they've had in ages, and we know how important sleep is!
  • One (senior) widow shared after her one session, she was able to look at her deceased husband's picture without as much emotional pain
  • Clients compliment energy sessions in contributing to helping them release layers of sexual and/or physical abuse from childhood.
  • Many have shared they were able to set clearer boundaries with those around them
  • Many have shared their personal buttons weren't as sensitive..some disappeared completely
  • One client had many sessions before and after his surgery, removing a tumor under his cheekbone. His surgeon's feedback during a follow-up told him his recovery was coming along quite nicely.  
  • A few have reported better relationships as they have a clearer idea of their own identify
  • Several have said they feel different.. a better different, but can't explain what it is.
  • It's not uncommon to shed shame, guilt, anger, resentment, self-hared, and other non-positive labels we create an identity around
  • Some have found their creative side, or reconnected with their creative side
  • The spiritual growth for many is unlimited
  • Various aches and pains dissolve, have less control over the individual.
  • Various emotional aches and pains dissolve, have less control over the individual.
  • A few have shared they have released dark areas of their past. They said they were able to work through it with different tools than they had before, and/or at least not have the same repeated reaction.
  • Several report the roller coaster in their mind slowed down or stopped for a few days
  • One individual , through Jin Shin sessions years ago, was able to minimize her Fibromyalgia discomfort.
  • Quite common for individuals to step into their own empowerment after a session.
  • I've seen individuals become sensitive to energy, which weren't before; and others become more sensitive to energy.
  • A client has partial paralysis on one side due to a stroke a couple of years ago, felt after Access Bars® sessions, her words weren't as slurred. She said there was more, but she couldn't pinpoint what. 
  • For me, years ago, carpal tunnel was no longer an issue after a few energy sessions.  The benefit of energy work on myself with my own roller coaster emotions have been way beyond priceless. The self-miracles have been so incredible!  I learn so much from facilitating about myself. Almost feels like a piece of my own puzzle gets put back, making me feel that       


No doubt the list goes on and on, as there are so many miracle interpretation/dynamics for various people.
Suggestion to keep track of your own miracles, no matter how small or big. Even getting through a day without tears may be a miracle.  Each miracle is a stepping stone, and each miracle flows into a greater awareness. How does it get better than this !

December newsletter - Miracles


Testimonial of a Miracle

February 2016

When i was 4/5 I was in a car accident and was found under the back seat. When as a adult I was sent for a xray on my kidneys and it showe I i had a left kidney of a 4/5 year old. 

While Dee was doing a Body Access treatment on me.  One of the Guides/Spirits came through and said I would be given back something that I had lost around 4/5. Now my Dr. decided that I should have a ultrassound done on that area (was interested in my left kidney) after I had told him of my xray results.

Just got the results back and they (both) are normal size. Thank you Dee and the Spirit /Guides for giving me such a beautiful gift of a fully grown kidney.

Dee is a very gifted healer and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Thank you again,