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Demystifying wellness (energy) sessions


Preparing for a session

How often should you receive a session

Breakdown of your first 3 sessions

Client Information Form (download)


Demystifying Wellness Sessions


Client Questionnaire

At the bottom of this section, there is a link to a Client Questionnaire.  Completing a questionnaire at your first session is required and may add on a few minutes to the session, as well as answering any questions you may have related to your session.

Time can be saved by having your Client Form filled out before your session, but not necessary.


Pricing for sessions, 15 min increments @ $20

 Let's entertain the idea that each body is different.  Each session is different.  Even for the same person, each session will be different.  Often I notice a sessions feels done before the hour is over.  When this happens, I usually ask the body what else I can do for it for the next few minutes, instead of closing the session, as most people prefer identify a session with what they are paying/being charged. 

This idea came to me in December of 2017, and I'm loving the opportunity to give it a go.  If you prefer a full hour session, then we will play with that.  If you prefer to go with the flow of 15 minute increments, then I will play with that.  

The best part of it, is there's no right or wrong!  Your body may only require a mini session one day, and another day a full hour session, or 1.5 hour session.

Let's see what this creates for you, the recipient, for me as a practitioner, and for Voyage of Hope.  

What else is possible with this!


Life force energy is something that flows through all living beings and things. It strengthens, supports, and nourishes our bodies and it can be used to support and increase the body's natural self-healing ability. Our bodies have their natural intelligence, which most of us overrule on a daily basis.  Our body know how much sleep we need, food, exercise, sex, fun, what colours and style of clothing it wants to wear, and so on.  Most of us are raised in a structured template that has little or no flexibility for anything else.  It's not common for us to be coached/taught that we can self-heal.  Our judgements on ourselves, others, society, and life in general, is another dynamic that holds us back from self-healing.  Since I'm a big past life believer, it's also my belief that a lot of us bring in baggage from past lifetimes that can interfere with our inner wellness in this lifetime.  

​I create a relaxing atmosphere with dimmed lights, candles, incense, and soft music.  Client/Recipient is fully clothed. I have blankets and pillows to ensure every client's session is as comfortable as possible. You also benefit from the crystal and heat properties of an Amethyst Bio-Mat.  

Energy sessions are intended to travel through your body, your mind, your spirit, and soul, to find the point of creation, the starting of the 'baggage', the 'limitations' we carry around. Once these limitations are meshed with any energy technique, the energy (with your body's permission) will start to unravel it all, so there isn't any roots left to reseed the limitation. Thus, making us lighter, more able to cope with life's stressors in all it's glory.

Although I ask you what you would like to focus on during your session, energy has it's own intelligence, and it is known to address what it feels is important at the time.   

Your efforts are important as well after a session, as well as short-term or long-term changes may be required. What you eat; your exercise routine; your outlook on life, and so on. For an example, it's amazing how limiting judgement is, yet when we release judgement, and just realize that we can really only control our self.  How incredibly freeing this is on it's own.  How much weight is lifted from our energy.    

When we allow our bodies to become depleted, without recharging our internal source, limitations/challenges can surface.  We will get warning signs, but unfortunately, most people don't notice or listen to these.. they keep moving forward until they are forced to self-care.  

You are fully clothed laying on a massage table. Unless you've specified you prefer a stand-alone technique, I usually combine various energy techniques to offer you an opportunity of a relaxing session.  Once your body relaxes, it allows self-healing to take place.    

It's amazing what can shift during one energy session.  As everyone is unique, some people experience shifts over time, while for others, the changes are immediate. 

Feel free to click on each technique to learn more about it.   

A client may need to have a quiet evening after an energy session as shifting can continue after a session.​  

Being hydrated is beneficial to you, the client, so ensure you drink water before your session. You are fully clothed during all sessions. Removing jewelry will be up to the facilitator and/or client. It is not necessary to have a full belief in these techniques, but it helps to have an open mind.    


Preparing for a Wellness Session

Everyone's experience is different during a session, and each session can be different for the same person. There is no right or wrong. It is not expected that you share what you experience during your session. Some clients share they feel temperature change or a tingly sensation. Some indicate they feel energy traveling through them. Some feel quite relaxed, and others aren't.  Some have flashbacks that they don't understand, and some understand their flashbacks.  It's basically 'anything goes'.

Contact me if you have any questions.​  

How often should you receive a wellness session?

I am often asked, 'how often do I need a session'.  The answer can vary.  Some individuals will feel their inner healing, their inner peace, quicker than others.  This can depend on their mind set, what else they are doing to help themselves, and how long they've had the present reason for coming to a session.  'Maintenance' is recommended to avoid lulls in our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.  Similar to taking vitamins before we get a cold so the symptoms aren't so harsh.  

I would recommend that you be aware of all noticeable improvements.  Even small changes can lead to bigger changes.  Miracles happen everyday, the more 'worthy' the miracle, the more recognition it may get...we need to acknowledge small miracles too.  Feel free to read my blog on miracles.

Having three energy sessions close together, for an example, within one month, will be a great boost to start your inner wellness path.  This will allow your body to really relax into these techniques, and the benefits these techniques can offer.  This will give you a good head start on reestablishing your personal boundaries as these sessions will help strengthen your confidence to do this.  With this re-established, your self-healing routine should also be more self-clear.  After this, either a maintenance routine, or continue with sessions closer together for maximum benefits.  This is your choice, as you are you own best doctor. 

​To promote new clients to receive three sessions within a 4-week timeframe, I offer a 'Beginner's package' that offers the third session half price.  Imagine the unlimited possibilities within three sessions !

Break down of your first 3 sessions

Nice to meet you


The first session introduces you to the technique, as well as introduces you to the practitioner, and their style. You will also experience what it feels like to receive a session.   

In my experience, even if you choose not to schedule your sessions closer together, there is still a benefit of having 3 sessions as close as you can make them.

Great time to ask your questions


The second session offers you a chance to ask more questions about what you may have experienced since your first session.  A level of comfort and trust should be developing between client and practitioner, which allows both to contribute to a deeper, maybe even more intense session. 

Bundles the sessions nicely


The third session should establish a comfort level with relaxing into the session, being opened to receive whatever the Universe is offering. 

Think of the third session as the 3rd coat of paint on a wall; how thick and amazing it looks.  

The below link opens up to information related to a jump start offer for new members.

 According to the Canadian Reiki Association's website, this is their recommendation:  

"To begin with, three or four sessions over ten to fourteen days are recommended to remove entrenched blocks in your energy system; then once a week or once every two weeks until the issue has resolved. You will begin to notice some improvement after the first session. Long-standing health issues are usually cleared up in five to six visits. Dis-ease generally begins in the energy field so if we keep our subtle bodies healthy using Reiki, and our physical bodies healthy with good nutrition and exercise, we should be able to remain active and whole."​ 




Relaxation is the most common feedback with most energy sessions. 

Sleeping/relaxing enhances self-healing, self-cae. Don't underestimate how imortant sleep is for well being. 



Feeling more balanced, more grounded, leads to many many benefits. Less agitation, less stress, less of what you don't like, and more of what feels great! 



More patience with your family members, and family dynamics.  More patience with any relationship, as it may also help with personal boundaries..   



When we are more relaxed, our confidence level is stronger.  We have more confidence the daily expectations at our place of employment 



Spirituality is always waiting for us to catch up with it :)  When you allow yourself to open up to your own greatness, the sky is the limit!  Your awareness becomes more clear, your senses become more heightened. Your connection to the Universe is unlimited! 



Mental focus is so clear (pardon the pun), when we don't have so much thought clutter.  I have heard so often that people feel their head has slowed right down, and it feels amazing! 

Food Choices


What can I say!  It's quite interesting how most of us don't relate relaxation with weight loss.  Take a moment to noodle it... some of us need 'comfort food' because we view life is stressful, as harsh.  If we can release those points of views, then we don't need as much comfort food. 

Happier Body


It's common for layers and levels of discomfort to uncreate itself.  Our bodies have the ability to reconnect with the 'point of creation', the reason we hurt, or aren't well, and uncreate it. Our bodies need our help to achieve this. Past life or present life, if we hold on to any judgement, it has been known to manifest in limitations of some manner. 

What Else is Possible?


This benefit list can potentially be endless, as the more layers we heal, the more amazing we feel.  So many people say they feel better, however can't always explain why.  Each person's 'benefit list' may be different. Each person's healing journey is different than then ext person. 

Miracles Happen


Miracles happen everyday, it's just a matter of being aware of them; even the slightest improvement in our attitude, our health, our life style, and so on.  This awareness can contribute to gratitude which will open up possibilities to even more miracles. 

An Endless List!

The list for potential benefits is unlimited.  All depends on how open you are to change, to releasing the old, and embracing the new.  How willing you are to be uncreated, your foundation potentially be destroyed, to allow the Universe to recreate you, your foundation, into a stronger you.  Every small step is a step towards your own greatness.. Are you ready? Are you willing? 

Read more on 'miracles'.