Reiki Shares & Access Body Process Shares, and more

Reiki Share


Investment is $10.00

This share is for anyone certified in any level or lineage of Reiki.

Please bring exact change when possible. Debit is also available. Payable at begin of Reiki Share.

For the share, please...

  • Bring your water bottle, 
  • Dress in layers as energy can shift our body temperature.  
  • Avoid wearing heavy perfumes or scented body sprays.

If you are a Canadian Reiki Association member, I am authorized to sign a CEU forms for those collecting  them.  Please bring a copy for me to sign. 

Kitchener Reiki Shares are being offered on the first Wednesday evenings of each month, between 6:00pm to 8:30pm.   

Confirming your attendance is helpful for me to have an idea of how to set up 


A Reiki Share is intended to be a safe environment to practice your skills.  It's also a time for practitioners to receive a (mini) session, and to connect with other practitioners. 

Whether you've learned the art of Reiki for a business, or for personal reasons, a Reiki share can be an opportunity to learn new ideas, techniques, gain confidence, and/or discuss questions they may have related to Reiki, or their Reiki business.

I have 4 Reiki tables i can set up, and others have offered theirs.  There can be up to 7 people per table, with one receiving and 6 facilitators.  This can be a powerful session to be a part of.  

Depending on how many attend, and how many tables are set up, each session is offered respecting the timeframe and the number of participants, to ensure everyone receives a mini-session.

The start of Reiki Shares...

I'm so honored to be offering successful Reiki Shares since October 2010.

The 'successful' part is the contribution from the participants.  Sometimes a smaller group, sometimes a larger group.  It all falls into place as it is meant to be.

Join in and the learning is ongoing!


Access Body Process Shares


Investment: $10.00

This share is for anyone certified in any body process within Access Consciousness®.

Please bring exact change when possible.  

Please confirm your attendance


Hours Location Details

Kitchener Access Bars® & Body Process

Time is 6:00pm to 8:30pm.   

From 6pm to 6:30pm time for registration and chat time.  

From 6:30 to 8:30 is share time.

Address: 6 Windward Place. Parking available around the court; driver side facing inside the court area. Or on WestForest Trail. 


Please bring your own water to drink, as well as dress in layers as energy can shift our body temperature.  


Please avoid wearing heavy perfumes or scented body sprays. 

Please refer to the Events Calendar to confirm details for the next Access Bars Share. 

Confirming your attendance is helpful for me to have an idea of how to set up.

About Access Shares

For those that are certified in Access Bars®, or/and Access Body Processes, either individual processes or the full 3-day class, you are invited to attend this share hosted in Kitchener.  You do not have to have been trained by myself. You do require a certification within Access Consciousness to participate.  

Kitchener Access Bars®  & Body Process Shares are being offered once a month, usually the third Wednesday evenings of each month, however it can float around throughout the month.  

This is a safe environment to practice your skills.  It's also a time for Practitioners to receive a (mini) session, and to connect with other practitioners. 

Please let me know if you are attending to offer me an opportunity to ask participants to bring tables if needed.

3 Free Body Processes

 Thank you to Access Consciousness® for posting these 3-free Body Processes.

​This is an introduction of three amazing Access Consciousness® Body Processes by Dr Dain Heer from Access Consciousness®. As the name would suggest, in order to do a body process, you actually have to put your hands on somebody’s body. You can start with yours, and from there you can go on to friends, family members, people you care about, people you love, and see what is possible to change. 

These three processes are real simple, real easy to learn and play with it. Just see what possibilities you can create by you using these.





To learn more about Access Consciousness®, check out their website at

Intuitive Reading Share


PRESENTLY not being scheduled

Ask me about these if you're interested.  If there is enough interest, I will add it to the events calendar.

This is not designed for beginners.


Investment: $10.00 (for experienced readers)

A great way for experienced intuitive readers to receive what we are offering to others, as well as connecting with like-minded individuals, and of course, there’s always an option of learning from each other as well.

The intention is to set up the timing of the sessions based on how many people join us, for us to receive a reading from everyone and give a reading to everyone. 

If this is something that is embraced by enough participants/interested individuals, it will become a regular share.


Bring Your Own Divinity Tools

BYODT = bring your own (divinity) tools (tarot cards, rhunes, etc), even if you just use intuition (that's a tool!)

What defines an ‘experienced intuitive reader?  An individual that is intuitive and has been offering messages in however way/tool they are comfortable in. Tarot cards, Rhunes, Angel cards, Oracle cards, Intuition, etc.