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Energy Cords


Relationship cords are cords that connect you with those you have relationships with in your life (present and past life), no matter the length of time.  Some individuals believe cords will have a different look/feel to them when they are in need of TLC.  Either way, recipients have advised that they do feel more of a independence from a stuck pattern after an energy cord session. 

By balancing these energy cords, you can work on making better choices for yourself, and even improve relationships, with your self and others.  Some individuals believe this will also contribute to disconnecting from any unwanted energy exchanges with others in your life.


This may explain why we get a warm, loving feeling thinking of an individual, when we are lovingly connected to them.  However, when we feel tired or drained or unable to grasp our usual good mood, there may be an unhealthy energy cord connection.  There may even be a need to 'move on' from someone as we've outgrown that relationship.  The term 'time to cut the cord' may have stemmed from this.   


In a session, I am able to connect with various respectful ways to offer TLC to energy cords. I trust how i'm intuitively guided for this technique.  I do offer details during or after a energy cord technique, depending if recipient is relaxing/asleep or aware of the session. 


Always use respect and Universal Love when releasing or cutting an energy cord, as the intent is for the Higher Evolvement of all involved.

After releasing/cutting an energy cord, client may feel they have more choices.

To read more on Energy Cords, I recommend, 'Light Emerging, The Journey of Personal Healing, author is Babara Ann Brennan.  Starting at page 183.  It's worth the read. 


Lifelong contracts

An 'energy cord' could also be interpreted as an eternal contract for some.  When we actually pay attention to some of the words we use, this unintentionally could be creating lifetime contracts, and considering most of us are in a belief that only our bodies die, our soul lives on forever; that would indicate that these contracts never 'expire' either.  Humor me for a few minutes and let me offer you a way of looking at this.  What if in a past life, you were a helper of some sort (e.g. slave, caregiver), and your 'boss' said to you, 'person, you will always be available for me and help me any time I need it". And you said 'ok'.  This could potentially be a forever contract, as our souls will remember the promise we keep.

In a marriage, the words are 'for richer, for poor, til death do we part'.  Again, since our soul lives forever, when do we actually 'detach' from that particular person?  

I just love life's twists and turns like these..they do fascinate me!

Ok, so if this resonates with you, here is a suggestion for a  contact clearing that I put together with the help of Access
Consciousness®.  You are allowing the opportunity to set yourself free, as well as whoever else is connected to any contractual obligation. 

Contract Clearing

Set you and others energetically free!

Here is one contract clearing suggestion to say to clear out contracts between you and others.


“I rescind and revoke all contractual obligations, curses, spells, secrets, hidden invisible covert unseen unsaid unacknowledged & undisclosed commitments, including all contracts, proposals, vows, deeds, covenants, promises, and so on, in this and all lifetimes, in all realms and all dimensions and in all time and space. I also ask for the vibration of all cleared commitment(s) to be released from my cells, as well as the cells from everyone restricted by any of the above limitations. Setting us all free to make different choices.“  

Try this when you feel like you can't seem to get away from someone's spell, or you are stuck on someone. In a marriage when one partner seems to hang on longer than another, perhaps this will help? Play with it..  you can't lose anything, except undesirable, unhealthy, 'energy cords'.

I would love your feedback if you do try this..  email me, and let me know if this has contributed to you feeling more free to make healthier choices.

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