Crystal Jewellery

I've had the unexpected pleasure of designing pendulums (not sure if these classify as 'jewllery'), bracelets, and rear view mirror charms.  

It all came about making pendulums for a Crystal Therapy class I taught, and the positive feedback sent me on a mission to experiement with 'what else is possible?'  So i bought a few more items, and let the creation flow!   

These items will be available to purchase at wellness shows, my place of business, and eventually Etsy. If you'd like to purchase an item, and you are in this area, contact me and we can schedule a time for you to come and look at what I have at my home office. If you're out of the area, and would like an item (or more) mailed to you, postage and handling will be added based on your location. No doubt these items will make their way into specials, and/or packages I offer within my Voyage of Hope business.


Pendulums can be made with a chain, or with bracelet wire.  An individual mentioned she prefers the wire so the chain doesn't act as a conductor of energy when asking her pendulum questions.  

The Single Terminated Chakra Points will be interesting (and fun) to discover why they were channeled through.  No doubt how I find use for them will be different than another.   

Since all these items are made with crystals/gemstones, it is important to cleanse. Suggestions to cleanse crystals are found on my website, as well as various sites on the internet.  Any questions, let me know.  

It's not recommended that you wear your bracelets in your showers/baths, as the water may dissolve the glue.  

Photo Gallery above

I've posted a few pictures above this sectrion.  I don't have a template of anything, nor can I guarantee what supplies I can find, so I may not be able to recreate an exact of something you see on this page.  Always worth an ask though :)  


I offer a few choices in various pieces.  Contact me if you'd like to see what I have available, as it always changes.

I intend to keep these prices 'buyer 

friendly' for as long as I can, all depends on cost of material. and taxes are included.


Bracelets -> $5 to $25.00

Pendulums -> $5

Rear View Mirror Charms -> $10

Booster Crystals -> $10

Key Chains ->

Distance Purchases


Investment would include the cost of the item(s), plus postage and handling for your destination.  Mailing of item will be completed once payment is received via paypal, or online banking.  

Please contact me if you would like to order any, or come view them in person. 

Any questions let me know.