Crystal Intro Workshop & Crystal Therapy Technqiues Class

Enjoy reading through these class outlines.

Crystal Intro Workshop


Crystal Intro Workshop Investment ~ $50.00

3-4 hour workshop

Prerequisite:  none 

Location: Unless otherwise indicated on the events calendar, location will be, 6 Windward Place, Kitchener  

A $20 deposit and registration is requested to secure your attendance.

Registration form is below.

If you have a few individuals interested in learning the basics on crystals, I can facilitate a Crystal Intro Workshop specifically for your group, or check my events calendar for the next scheduled one.

When I am hosting, included in your investment is: 

hand outs, 

a Crystal-Chakra Kit, 

meditation with a crystal, 

as well as a chakra layout demonstration for chakra balancing.


Workshop Agenda

  • Crystal Care: buying, cleansing, storing
  • Crystal energy exercises
  • Intro into dedicating/programming cyrstals
  • Crystal Meditaiton
  • Intro to our 7 Main Chakras
  • Chakra Crystal Layout Demo

 Attendants will receive an Acknowledgment Document   

If you're interested in learning more about crystals after this evening workshop

I offer a Crystal Therapy Technique class that will coach you to incorporate crystals into your other energy technique, or to use it as a stand-alone technique. 

Scroll down to read more about this class.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.   

Check for upcoming events on the Calendar of Events link.

Crystal Therapy Techniques Class


Crystal Therapy Techniques Class Investment ~ $575.00

3 evenings, 5:30-9:00pm, or

2 days 9:30am-5:30pm.

Pre-requisite: A comfort level with crystals may be helpful but not mandatory.

A deposit of $100 is required, and registration form to secure your attendance.   

Registration link form is below this section.

Class attendance for the Crystal Therapy Technique class will be maximum of 4 to ensure there is sufficient time for practice. 

Minimum of 2 to ensure there is quality practice time.  

Investment includes:

  • A manual I created through experience and outside resources, 
  • Various crystals/terminated points to add to your crystal collection, 
  • in-class practice time, 
  • My experience playing and working with crystals since 2006. 
  • A certificate of completion for everyone completing all in-class practices and attending all class time.

Class Agenda


               Guided Meditations
               Setting up a treatment space
               Gem Water / Crystal Elixirs
                                 In-Class Test Tasting Exercises
               Dedicating, Programming, Charging Crystals

​                                 In-class exercises

               Crystal Meditation

               Master Crystals
                                 Dedicating Crystals / Programming Crystals
                                 In-Class Exercises
               Pendulum Basics
                                 Basic Usage
                                 Chakra Balancing
                                 In-Class Exercise
               Crystal Wands
                                 Wand Techniques (Circular, On The Spot, Spiral

                                    Sun-ray, Spine, Corkscrew, unblocking,
                                 Fingers, Palms, Feet, The Energetic Connection
                                 In-Class Exercises
               Crystal Layouts / Grids
                                 Various layouts (Star Technique, Tapping Steps, 
                                    Terminated Points Technique)

                                 Single Chakra Balancing, Multi Chakra Balancing_
                                 Distant Healing Grid 
                                 In-Class Exercises 

                Crystal Therapy Techniques
                                 Karmic Core Clearing
                                 Aura Clearing/ Combing
                                 Sealing the Aura
                Crystal Readings for a session
                               In-Class Exercises
                 Review, questions and answers, feedback

About this class...

One thing about crystals.. it would be impossible to stop learning something new about them each time I come in contact with them, and you will appreciate this as well :)

This class is designed

 to offer a template for various ways to create a crystal session, either for yourself, or for others.  Please note there are many interpretations on how to incorporate crystals in an energy session. Crystal Therapy Techniques class is designed to coach you on a various techniques with crystals.  You are encouraged to continue on this learning path, as you will always learn something new.  Past students have gone on to create their own style of Crystal business, and there is a bit of pride within me knowing I contributed to their creative success.

A certificate is offered for those attending all class time, as well as participating in all in-class practice/activities.  Consider yourself a Crystal Therapy Techniques Practitioner after this class.  Keep in mind, the sooner you put your knowledge into practice, the better off you'll be to bond with what you learned, as well as various crystal's energy.

Pendulum Classes

I have also created a Pendulum Workshop & Pendulum Technique Class.  Click here for more information

Registration Form for all classes


Please submit the preferred deposit for either of these classes, along with the registration form, to secure your attendance.

Any questions, contact me at


Extra Links


Cleansing Crystals

Rose Quartz helps keep nightmares calm

Rose Quartz helps keep nightmares calm

Various suggestions to cleanse crystals.


Rose Quartz helps keep nightmares calm

Rose Quartz helps keep nightmares calm

Rose Quartz helps keep nightmares calm

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