Relationship Contract Clearings



 The online dictionary defines relationship as the following:

1.  the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. 

2.  the state of being connected by blood or marriage. 

3.  the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave toward each other. 

To expand on #1, there is no 'one specific' interpretation for a relationship.  We also have a relationship with:

  • ourselves
  • our money revenues
  • our health
  • our home
  • our hobbies
  • our creative side
  • our businesses, large or small
  • clothes
  • our likes and dislikes in life
  • and so on!



Do you ever feel stuck to someone? 

Do you feel like you're allowing someone else to control you in various ways, or vice versa?  

Do you feel like you are a controlling person and would like to clear this out? 

Do you feel unusually committed to your job, even though you know it's just a job?  

Do you feel unusually committed to a friend, or certain friends, or a group of friends, even though you would love to move on?



The older marriage vows say 'until death do us part'.  Well..  some believe we never really die, and I'm one of those that believe that.   I believe our bodies die, however not our souls.  Our souls come back lifetime after lifetime in a different body, until we decide we're done coming back.

During our lifetime of different identifies and different bodies, how many marriage contracts have we committed to? 

A contract can be made simply by agreeing to 'never ending something'.  For example, whoever you were in a past life, being asked to 'never leave me', whoever that was, and you agree.  Guess what!  You've just entered into a lifetime agreement.

In a past life, from master to slave; 'You are a good slave', you shall never leave and always serve me'.  You as the slave, wouldn't know any different and agree.  Guess what!  You've just entered into a lifetime contract.  And vice-versa, you asking others to never leave and to always serve you.

Us telling our kids how much we love them, and that we never want them to leave us, and they agree!  Guess what? There's another lifetime agreement.  Or us being the kids that agree to the parent in that particular life.

How often do we say as kids 'friends forever'? And when there is an agreement between these friends, guess what!  A lifetime contract is made.

There are so many ways to create a lifetime agreement, a contract.

One of my experiences: years ago at a family funeral, I had a distraught family member sit by me, and as I was comforting this person, she turned to me and said, 'never leave me!'.  I almost said 'ok', as part of me knew she was just upset and was embracing the comfort I was offering.  Yet before I responded.. I had an 'a-ha' moment and realized, this is how we create unknowingly lifetime agreements!  So my response to her was, "I will be here for you in this life time'.  And she was ok with that.



And to expand on these unknowingly commitments;  What if these also extend into our health?

What if at some point, knowingly or unknowlingly, we agreed to take on another person's dis-ease, of any kind? 

Agreed to carry on THEIR commitment, their karma on ill-health on any level, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or energetically?

Perhaps we micmic our loved ones dis-ease after they cross over? They may desire to help us as best as they can, and stand by our side, no matter what.  Yet, this sometimes can create us mimicking some of their dis-eases, without realizing they're not even ours.  

Definitely worth asking our deceased loves ones to stand back, for example, 20 feet (60ft?); and love us and offer their assistance from there, so their vibration doesn't interfere with ours.  



Perhaps these are what so-called curses and karma are partially made of?

Perhaps even energy cords?

No idea, and for me it doesn't matter.  Now that I'm aware of the potential stuckness of these so-called contracts, my target is to clear out as many of these that make me stuck in a relationship, or an emotion, a job, or any pattern at all.

The 'label' doesn't matter to me, the freedom of choice does.

Relationship Contract Clearing

How often shall I repeat the Contract Clearing?

Now that you are more familiar with what a relationship is, the next section offers you one version of a contract clearing statement for you to play with; to experiment with.

Use your intuition for 'how often'. If you sense resistance (or reaction), then perhaps say it until you sense less or no resistance (or reaction)


A resistance reaction can be a physical reaction; feeling heavy; or coughing, and so on.  Other reactions can be crying, dizziness, upset, to mention a few.

In my experience, sometimes a sense of loss can be experienced.  Your choice to still move forward with this, or step back into the commitment.   

See it/think of it this way... at times we've carried this commitment for so long, that there may be a sense of 'loss' when it's cleared out.    Or maybe it's not our sense of loss that we're experiencing? Perhaps it's energies around us?

It's just a matter of embracing the space for more updated possibilities vs stepping back into old patterns.   

You can say/read it often, or record on your cell phone a few times as a loop, and play in the background, whenever you're sensing it's time to (re) listen to it. 

Your energy will 'hear' it and clear out energetic charges related to this area.  As long as YOU trust you can clear these commitments of any kind, then it doesn't matter if you created the commitment, or agreed to the commitment.


I revoke, recant, rescind, uncreate, and destroy all secret, hidden, invisible, covert, unseen, unsaid, undisclosed, unacknowledged commitments, curses, contracts, proposals, vows, deeds, covenants, promises, tattoos, brandings, illnesses, dis-eases, inflections, injuries, and so on, in this and all lifetimes, all realms, all dimensions, all time and space. I also ask for the vibration of all cleared commitments(s), and their magnetic, and electric imprints to be released/cleared from my cells (and those involved).

If you are familiar with Access Clearing Statement; option of saying (not mandatory), "Whatever doesn't allow this, I uncreate and destroy x Godzillion.  Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys, & Beyonds". 


Demon Clearing

We are all familiar with Hollywood's version of a Demon

Hollywood's version of demons sure doesn't give any kind of comfort !  Usually an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell, and towards people on earth.

'Talk to the Entities' book's definition of a ‘demon’

In Talking To The Entities class (book and class outline created and written by Shannon O'Hara), I was introduced to another interpretation, which is basically anything or anybody/person that is working on a lower vibration than we are, and, well, basically, wanting to control our choices.  We can even do this to ourselves.  Perhaps an interpretation can be that our (dark) shadow side may be our demon side.  

The book continues to suggest that anything that would like to take over part or all of your awareness and from here, run that part of your life for you, as if you are on autopilot, or feel like you're not even sure why you acted or said what you said, however can't seem to stop that reaction/action.   

In other words they are not just what the media (or our imagination) makes a demon out to be,  they can include judgements, implants, thought-forms, even family members, co-workers .. lots of options :)


I destroy and uncreate all the oaths, vows, swearings, fealties, commitments, comealties, binding and bonding contracts to all demons including all the SHICUUU ones.  I also ask for the vibration of all cleared commitments(s), all magnetic, and electric imprints, to be released/cleared from my cells (and for everyone involved).

(If you are familiar with Access Clearing Statement, feel free to add...) Whatever doesn't allow this, I uncreate and destroy x Godzillion.  Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys, & Beyonds.