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If you read my resume, it will offer ...

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, (Volunteer-Reiki Practitioner) 2008 - present 

Hospice of Waterloo Region, (Volunteer-Reiki Practitioner) 2016-present 

The interesting part of all this is I applied as a volunteer at Hope Springs in 2007, for various reasons, that probably aren't noteworthy.  For example, 'it looks good on my resume', and 'good experience'.  Little did I realize, years later, when in my normal scheme of routine, I would normally get bored, tired of it, and move on.  Yet here I am, 10 years later, a proud volunteer of Hope Springs Cancer Support Centre.

What I wasn't planning on, was the connection to the guests that were receiving Reiki.  Nor their positive and appreciative feedback.  And especially not the awareness I receive almost always leaving a volunteer shift.  Guests that sign up for a session, receive something from these sessions, that help them in their personal path, that probably most of us wish we never understand.  Most of them say how much they sleep better that evening, and for most of them, this is a huge blessing.   Not just is sleep important for self-care, it's also helps us get through a day with more ease, when we're not on edge due to lack of quality sleep.

In my years with Hope Springs, I've been blessed with meeting so many different people.  Those that fight their truth in silence.  Those that fight their truth as loud as possible.  Those that may not know their truth, and go with the flow.  Whoever they are, they are all amazing individuals, and earned deep respect from me.  HopeSpring offers a variety of programs and services to people in our community affected by cancer.
These programs are without cost to those impacted by cancer and their caregivers and do not require a medical referral.  They offer many ways of comfort, as well as various programs, and services.

Click here to read more about HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, and or donate to them:

Starting up with Hospice of Waterloo Region was a spur of the moment idea, that somehow fell into place with total ease.  A sign, for me at least, that it was meant to be part of my path.  This volunteer work has a different flavor to it, as guests from this service have life threatening medical prognosis. 

Hospice of Waterloo Region provides a wide variety of programs and services in the community and at the Hospice Family Centre. These programs and services are designed to help and support individuals who are living with a life threatening illness, their families, and their care providers. Hospice also has programs for the recently bereaved.  All their programs and services are provided free of charge to residents of Waterloo Region. 

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No matter where you live, if you are in a position to volunteer your time, find a place that resonates with you, and offer your time.  It doesn't have to be a long time commitment.  Stay with it until you are ready to move on.  The benefits for personal evolvement is unlimited, and we are also contributing to other's wellness, in ways we may never truly understand.  It's a win/win !

Stay blesed,