Cleansing Crystals


I would strongly recommend you cleanse your crystals of unwanted vibrations/energies from other people or surroundings, absorbed during its findings, mining, packing, transportation, unpacking, displaying, before it has reached you.  As crystals absorb energy, you may feel this potential chaotic or lack of energy within the stone within yourself.

Once stones absorb non-positive energy, and aren’t cleansed, the next person that uses it can absorb that non-positive energy.  Or if you are the only user, your stone can get so absorbed that the non-positive energy can start draining you.  When a crystal/stone is ‘full’ the stone may feel different to you, maybe heavier, or maybe you just can’t figure it out, definitely time to cleanse it.

Crystals/stones have been known to break in two (or more pieces) when over filled with non-positive energy.  If this happens, the stones are still usable after cleansing.  The break may change the attraction within you, or alter the properties somewhat. 

If after you’ve cleansed it, you don’t feel right with it, your need for this stone may be at an end, and it may be time to gift it to someone else, or give back to Mother Nature.  Not recommended to throw stones/crystals in the garbage, as they are precious gifts from Mother Earth. Gift them back outside.


Suggestions, but not limited to...

I personally wouldn't cleanse crystals in water, as unless you know for sure the water won't affect the crystal, there are so many other options.

  • Place crystal in organic brown rice (or organic wild rice). Option to leave them in the rice until the next time you need them.
  • Reiki is also an excellent way to cleanse crystals, as well as asking our Universe to cleanse crystals.  Hold crystals in hand, set intent to cleanse crystals, and pray and/or draw symbols on stones.
  • If you have a crystal/stone that is self-cleansing  (e.g. citrine), it may cleanse others.  Place near each other.
  • Gently/carefully pass them over a candle flame a couple of times.
  • Place crystal outside in a moonlight phase, or outside for a 24 hr cycle.  Even keep them near a window is an option.
  • I personally don't recommend salt water, however if this resonates with you, my suggestion would be to ensure you are using quality water, vs tap water with chlorine and chemicals.  Use quality salts, either himalayan salt, or sea salt would be the 2 top suggestions.  Always read up on which crystals can be placed in water.  
  • Gently pass them over cleansing incense, suggested choices are (but not restricted to) sage, sandlewood, lavender. 
  • Always an option to do a search on the internet for other options.


How long to Cleanse?

How long to cleanse? There's no template to hand you. When your stone/crystal is cleansed, it should feel better somehow..maybe even lighter.  Your intuition may pick up that it’s energy is radiating stronger.  Various dynamics may determine how long.  How long since the last cleanse? How much it has absorbed?  Different methods of cleansing may have different timeframes.  If using rice, how old is the rice? Should it be replaced? 

Play with this idea, when we need a vacation, sometimes we just need a few hours alone time, and sometimes we would love a days or weeks.  This is comparable to how long to cleanse your crystals, it all depends on how much they've been working for you.

Time to move on: There may be a time when one of your precious stones/crystals is done serving you/your Higher Self.  You may find you don’t resonate with it anymore, or you’ve forgotten about it.  If this happens, and you’re ok with it, gift it to someone who may need it, or someone who has noticed it and has complimented/commented on it. Remember to thank the stone for all it’s done for you 

Precious Nuggets to Share


Rose Quartz to keep nightmares away

JAn individual responded to a VOH's facebook post, asking for feedback to help alleviate a client's nightmares ('Miss M'), as sometimes they seemed worse after an energy session.  This client has had them for years.

'JS' shared her experience with placing a rose quartz in her belly button at night, and this kept the nightmares away.

The client, Miss M, did try this, as we were blessed to find a rose quartz that fit her belly button, and she tried it that night, and it worked!  

We both learned quickly how important it is to continue cleansing crystals, as her nightmares came back after almost a couple of weeks of using the crystal at night, in her belly button.  As soon as she cleansed the crystal, it helped calm the nightmares again.

Try it!  I would love to hear back from you.