Chakra Balancing Sessions


Although we apparently have thousands of chakras, these seven chakras seem to be the most recognized.  Chakra also means energy centre or vortex. Each chakra has an important part in balancing our body, mind, and emotions. Our chakras vibrate at different frequencies, each sharing information with the others.  When one chakra is not communicating  in harmony, it can disrupt our healthy inner wellness routine or rhythm. 

Our chakras can be harmonized and activated in various ways through exercise, sound, chanting, colours, environment, visualization, symbols, elements, breathing techniques, crystals, thoughts, just to name a few. 


Using intuition, I may be guided to scan a client's chakra(s) using my hand, intuition, or by using a pendulum.  

Healing crystals may be incorporated into the session to contribute to overall chakra balancing.

An example when a throat chakra isn't communicating with the others... it may not allow us to communicate what we need, or allow the complete opposite in that we may speak without thinking. Or because our throat chakra is not communicating, we may start to feel insecure about ourselves, which can be related to our root chakra. In this case, both chakras could use some TLC.

Chakra balancing contributes to overall balance, offering inner peace.

Root Chakra


Red: our survival instinct, our passion for life, our grounding energy.  

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your root chakra: hematite, garnet, ruby, smoky quartz, tiger's eye. 

Sacral Chakra


Orange: our health, vitality, sexuality, governs our happiness.  

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your sacral chakra: carnelian, moonstone, gold topaz, fire opal. 

Sacral Chakra


 Yellow: our inner clarity, our confidence, rules our will and ego. Manifests our hopes and dreams. Helps us find our inner strength to reach our goal. 

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your solar plexus: citrine, yellow jasper, amber, tiger's eye, topaz, rhodochorosite. 

Heart Chakra


Green or/and pink: unconditional love/acceptance for ourselves and others; helps us attract ‘like’ people, 

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your heart chakra: rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, jade, green calcite, pink calcite, rhodochrosite, jade. 

Throat Chakra


Blue: communication including hearing, speaking, listening.  How you speak, what words you speak; how you listen, what you listen to; how and what you hear.

Suggested gemstones to help harmonize your throat chakra, but not limiting your choices to: blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise, angelite, blue topaz, celestite, sodalite. 

3rd Eye Chakra



Purple/indigo: Intuition, spiritualism, inner wisdom. 

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your 3rd eye: amethyst, lapis lazuli, rutilated quartz, indigo-blue sapphire, azurite.

Crown Chakra


Purple/white/clear/gold: our connection to God Source/Universe. 

A few suggested gemstones to help harmonize your crown chakra: clear quartz, amethyst, clear calcite, rutilated quartz. 

Other Chakras


Other chakras are found in our hands, feet, and throughout ourwhole body. Also, above, below our body.  Probably even around our bodies.  

I read somewhere that every acupressure point we have is a chakra.  If so, that gives us an idea how many we may have.