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3 free Body Processes

An outline of the Classes for Access Bars in Kitchener is available on this page.  

Since there are approximately 60 body processes that I am certified to teach, they aren't all listed.  

When one is scheduled to run, the information will be posted on the online calendar, as well as VOH's facebook page. Or ask me to run a class if you don't see it posted.

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Access Bars Class


Access Bars® Class, $370/Half price for repeats

Access Bars® Class Investment ~ $370.00 for first time

attendees, 1/2 price for repeats.

(prices of all classes can change without a lot of notice)

Full day class

An Access Bars® class includes 2 practice sessions.  In this class you are introduced to 32 bars of energy based around the head area.  These bars connect to different aspects of your life, that when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn't allow you to receive. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored away in any lifetime.

When you give a session, you receive! How does it get better than this!  

Gary Douglas, the founder of this technique, shares that 'these points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.'  Basically this technique is designed to dissolve any judgments we have stored away consciously and unconsciously.

I have been working with Access Bars™ since mid-2012. Feedback from clients has been 'I don't know when it happened, but I realized 'this incident' didn't push my button like it use to'. A few clients have reported that they've been able tomore comfortably set their personal boundaries.  One also indicated she dreamed in colour.  One recipient indicated life just seemed to have a better flow after her 2nd Access Bar session.  Other than what the main website will suggest for the benefits of Access Bar sessions, the possibilities are endless.

The benefits for me have been unlimited.  Not realizing how many judgements I had against myself, and how limiting they were making my choices, Access has contributed to my inner-awareness regime, to clear out enough limitations to realize, i want to clear out more, and not stop until I am completely limitless-free.  My trigger buttons aren't as charged.  My mood swings aren't as deep (depression) or as time-consuming.  My ability to appreciate myself has been huge!  I'm always asking 'what else is possible', as there is so many possibilities.. how blessed are we!

Here are a few youtube videos to help explain Access Bars®.


Clearing Statements

Clearing statements are intended to surface/bring up resistance when you hear them or read them.  This offers you an awareness of how much ‘charge’ you have in you on that particular statement, and usually indicates that you have more to clear on that subject.   Some of the statements may not make much sense, however for now just trust your inner knowing about which clearing statements you feel will work for you.  Eventually you'll create your own, and soon after that, they'll just roll out of you with ease :)

To have a clearer awareness of how these statements work, please visit . You can say clearing statements in your head or out loud often until you sense there isn't any ‘charge’ behind them, or that your interactions with these 'buttons' have eased. One of the most powerful ways these statements can be used is by recording them and playing them as a loop so that they are repeated over and over again (option of using headphones). This way you can obtain the benefits of the clearing statements while performing alternative tasks or sleeping. The best part of this is you do not need to hear the statements clearly.  As long as they are playing in the background, is all it takes for them to work! Just turn the volume down as your brain can pick up the vibrations of the words .. how does it get better than this! 


Class Outline

A manual is included in the cost of the class

A brief discussion on Access Bars™
A Bars™ DVD will be shown with Gary Douglas demonstrating what the finger placements look like for these bars
In-class practice will begin right after the DVD viewing, with the intention of recipients receiving and giving three sessions in class.
Participants must complete 2 sessions to receive their credit within this class.
Class certificates are also offered upon completion of class.
Light snacks are provided, herbal tea, water.
Participants must complete a full day class as well as complete facilitating and receiving two sessions in class to receive your certificate

Investment price is set through Access Consciousness. 

REGISTRATION form link below. Registration and deposit (or full payment) helps secure your attendance in any class. 

Please do not pay online through Access Consciousness™ website.  

Receipts are provided in class.

International Pricing

Prerequisite:  Although it is not necessary to have an understanding of energy work, Access Bars™ is a wonderful addition to any Energy practice.

Voyage of Hope Class schedule - button is available below.

Feel free to ask me to schedule an Access Bar® class if there isn't one scheduled.

What are you sick of?

by Blossom Benedict

Registration Form

Please submit registration form and deposit to secure attendance in class.

Let me know if you have any questions:


Access Body Process Classes


Various Body Process to learn! $80.00/each class

Various Access Body Process Class ~ price noted on online Calendar, and/or VOH's facebook events.

Usually 4 hours classes.

Investment is $80.00 per person, per body process class.

Access Body Processes

After attending a 3-day Body Process class in London in February 2015, i obtained my teacher's certificate to teach these processes separately,  Below I have listed the classes I've taught. There may be links to pages under 'Services' to help understand what the specific body process is. 

Most people do not realize their own ability to help themselves, as well as help others (if this is your choice).  Each of these Body Process classes I teach, offes you the option of desiring more for yourself, and others.  

These classes are designed to open doors for you that you may not know were available to you.  The intention is to be in the allowance to open up to some (more?) capacity that you don't even know that are within your reach.

Much of the discomfort in our bodies is an awareness of our body communicating with us.  What if these awarenesses were a gift from your body?  What question can you be that would invite greater possibilities to actualize with ease?  What contribution can this awareness be to your life, living, and reality?  Do you realize your body reflects the judgements you project at it?  When we choose to adore our bodies, what a difference we can create.

These 4-hr classes are also a great way to learn about Access Consciousness™ clearing statements, as well as some of their theories.  All your choice of course.  

3 free online Body Processes

Thank you to Access Consciousness for posting these 3 free body processes!

Enjoy them :)

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Access Bars® & Body Process Shares


Monthly Shares


Access Bar™ Shares are also available. 

Please read through my calendar for dates/times.

Here is a link to read more on Access Shares.

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To experience an Access Bars®  session, feel free to schedule a session with me, or any other Access Bars®  facilitator near you.  It doesn't with matter who, just try it!   

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Access Body Process Session

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