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Welcome to Voyage of Hope !




THANK YOU for your interest in Voyage of Hope. My intention for this website is for you to get to know me better and to provide you with knowledge on the modalities I offer. With this, hopefully you will develop a curiosity to give one or all of these modalities a try.  

Since starting this amazing path in the summer of 2006, I have learned to facilitate various modalities and have personally evolved as an individual.  My goal is to empower all clients with self-care tips for them to reconnect with their own inner wellness, which may be unsettled by stressful thoughts, heartache, disappointment, regrets, grief, and so on, and are feeling stuck on their spiritual path.  

Listening to the client's words, as well as intuitively listening to their body's energy messages, the sessions guide them in releasing trapped limitations, allowing self-healing.  Trusting the flow of what the client needs at that moment, I draw on energy-based therapy (Reiki, Crystals, Access Bars, Axiatonal Alignment, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Healing), intuition, and personal experience.  

I also contribute to offering a different point of view on thoughts and stories that are stuck in their head and/or heart, shifting to thought patterns that are more self-friendly. They gain wisdom from their life experiences and open to their inner awareness, reconnecting with peace of mind, and serenity.

As a result of these sessions, clients:

  • make peace with their life experiences; 
  • establish more life-enhancing mental and emotional patterns, establish personal boundaries;
  • develop healthier ways of relating to themselves and others;
  • realize that life has more choices, than what we just see in front of us;
  • release what no longer serves our Higher Self, trusting Universal energy; 
  • to live in the moment, experience more satisfaction in their work and relationships; 
  • enjoy increased energy, and more balanced sleep patterns;
  • and self-empowerment, which meshes with all of us finding our own Inner Wellness;
  • ​read up on a few miracles I've had the honor of contributing to and/or being aware of.

None of these modalities/techniques or suggestions I offer, is meant to replace medical advice.  It's not suggested, at any point, that you discontinue any prescribed medication without your doctor's involvement. There is a belief that when one combines both, Eastern and Western treatments, it can allow the two powerful traditions to merge into it's own level of care. 

Try one of my energy sessions and see what it feels like to enjoy a higher  relaxation of heart, body, mind and soul. Even if you only try it once, it’s worth the experience. 

I have a special package for new clients, found on my 'Services & Prices Page'.  There is a ink in the next section.

Contact me today for a session. Or maybe something on my jewellery page may resonate with you. So many choices, and what else is possible !

A few easy-to-get-to links

Wellness Services & Prices

Services & Prices

Various techniques and body processes to choose from,(Reiki, Access Bars, Crystals, & MORE wellness processes) that are personally selected by your body.  Your body has an awareness of what it desires to obtain perfect balance in mind, body, spirit, & energy. 

Classes & Prices

Classes & Prices

A way to ensure you start or continue contributing to your personal first-aid kit.



Cruise through the choices of classes, workshops, and shares.  See what your body feels light, or gets excited with.

Which one of these classes is what your body has been asking for?  Or is there more than one?  

Jump Start Package for New Clients


A 4 week special package for new clients.  First 2 sessions are regular price (same timeframe), and the 3rd session is half price (same timeframe).

To read more about this, click on the link below.

Demystifying Sessions & Benefits


I am often asked what happens in a session.  What is the recipient suppose to experience.  What are the benefits. And so on...

Click on the below link to find out ...

My Accomplishments


My personal accomplishments since starting this incredible, frustrating, exhilarating, nerve-wracking, inspirational path ... and I know I'm not done learning.

Evening Shares


If you're certified in Reiki, or any Access body processes, join in the monthly shares.  Give a session, receive a session.  Meet other like minded individuals.



Read through a few miracles I'm aware of that has happened through receiving energy sessions.



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